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Agenda - Day 1.

Monday 2 December 2019



Topic / Title



Natalie Strickland

Welcome to the 2019 Hostplus Staff Conference – Investing in Innovation


Alex Splitt

Acknowledgment of Country Ceremony


David Elia

Official Conference opening


Nick Crocker - Blackbird Ventures

Paul Bassat - Square Peg Capital

Venture Capital Growth and the Innovators

In this session Nick and Paul will share the stories of their organisations, and how ‘investing in innovation’ has worked for their businesses. They will step through what’s worked well and share some of the key lessons they have learned along the way. Followed by a Q&A with both parties, hosted by Sam Sicilia.


Morning tea


Stephen Ferguson - AHA

Jo Schofield - United Workers Union

Industry Partners and Innovation

Stephen and Jo will provide an overview of the role of the AHA and United Workers Union with some insights into the state of the Hospitality industry in Australia - highlighting key trends, opportunities and challenges.

Their presentations will be followed by a Q&A with both parties, hosted by David Elia.


Luke Winter

Business Intelligence: A Hostplus Quiz

It's table vs table as Quizmaster Luke takes you on a data-driven tour of our Fund.




Parallel Sessions – We will keep you moving over the next couple of hours; with three short, sharp and shiny sessions to attend. You will have the opportunity to attend all three session during this time.
Session 1: Jo Mullan and Alice Green will take you on an interactive journey; exploring the latest Talentplus updates and introducing some new functionality within the system.
Session 2: Working Out Your Super - Catherine Cave, Louise Matthews and Tim Lambert will help you better understand the power of compound interest, and what drives your Super balance. They will also share their top 5 workouts to improve your super situation.
Session 3: Office365 and SharePoint Functionality - David Srhoj will showcase how we can innovate through our existing technologies, plus a sneak peak of the new intranet project!


Afternoon tea


Valerie Hourigan

Kokoda 2019

Valerie will share a presentation on her Kokoda Journey and some of the key takeaways from her experience.


Chelsea Pottenger

Emotional Agility

In this high impact keynote session, Chelsea will show you how to use brain hacks to function at your best, and share tips on how to snap out of negative feedback loops. You will take away some tangible psychology tools to improve your emotional agility and some lifehacks on how to stay disciplined when learning new habits.


Norlena Brouwer

Wrap up and highlights of day one of the Hostplus 2019 Staff Conference


Welcome Drinks - Medallion Club Room