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Congratulations on your new position,
we’re sure you’re going to love what you do!

Your superannuation is your money for your retirement. Let us help you make the most of it.

Hostplus is proud of its industry heritage, championing the best and brightest staff, those who live and love Australian hospitality, tourism, recreation and sport. Our ‘members first’ philosophy, competitive fees and leading investment performance help more money stay in our members accounts, helping them to achieve their retirement goals more easily.

Why you’ll love Hostplus

More than 1 million members already enjoy the benefits of being a part of one of Australia’s top performing funds.

Hostplus membership includes a range of benefits and options to maximise your super savings and make the most of your money.

  • Low administration fees – just $1.50 per week.
  • Proven investment track record – impressive performance in the short term and the long term.
  • Investment choice – freedom to choose the investment option that best suits you.
  • 24/7 Access – your Hostplus mobile app allows you to check your balance and account info anywhere, any time.
  • Financial Planning – get the facts and learn how to make the most out of your money.
  • Insurance - for the insurance benefits available to you, speak to your employer to get a copy of your insurance at a glance flyer.

About Hostplus

We’re passionate about helping our members achieve financial independence. Why? Because we believe everyone deserves to spend their golden years in comfort. That’s why we work so hard to keep our investments performing at the level you deserve.

  • Already a member?

    Great! As a member you have the opportunity to move to Hostplus Executive to join the tailored insurance arrangement in place with your employer by simply completing the Super choice form, tick ‘Hostplus, my employers superannuation fund in section A’ and we’ll take care of the rest. Download the Hostplus app from to easily share your account details with your workplace.

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  • Ready to join?

    Welcome! In most cases you don't need to do anything to join, but if your employer has asked you to, simply complete a Choice form and return it to your HR or Payroll department, it’s that easy.

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  • What next?

    When your employer pays your first super contribution, your account will be officially opened. Anything else? After your account has been opened, we’ll send you a Welcome Kit in the post. Your Welcome Kit contains everything you need to know about your new account including your member number, how your super is invested, and any insurance cover you may have.

Partnering with the best.

We understand the importance of partnering with leading providers and through these partnerships we have the ability to offer a range of value-added services to you as a new member.


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