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Sign up for a Gold Coast Suns Training Session.

Gold Coast Suns FC offer a great training program to their fans. Get involved.

Conditions of Entry

The following Conditions of Entry apply to all Hostplus members registering for Health Wealth:
  • You must be a Hostplus member
  • You must be able to travel to and from the centre and cover all travel costs including parking
  • You must be in good health and in proper physical condition to safely participate in the Program; and
  • You must have read, understood and agreed to the Hostplus Health Wealth Program’s Terms and Conditions

Collection statement:

Hostplus is seeking to collect your personal information from you today so that we can register you for our Health Wealth Program. If you do not provide your personal information we will be unable to process your application. Your personal information will only be shared with relevant Hostplus and Richmond Football Club employees necessary to administer your participation in the Health Wealth Program.


The Hostplus privacy policy is available at: and includes information about how you may access and seek correction of your personal information, as well as how you can make a complaint about a breach of your privacy.

Download a full copy of the Health Wealth terms and conditions here

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