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Kickstart a healthier you.

The Hostplus Health Wealth program is a fantastic opportunity that allows you, as a Hostplus member, to work with personal fitness experts from the Gold Coast SUNS football club.

Health Wealth Program 2017.

The Health Wealth physical training sessions are held outside of working hours once a week for four weeks and may include a physical assessment and a mix of weights & resistance training, boxing, cardio training and footy drills. Register now.

The Health Wealth program runs for four weeks commencing in February 2017. During the program participants will undergo:

Train with the best.

Taking part in the Health Wealth means you’ll be put through your paces by key personal fitness experts from the Gold Coast SUNS. The same people who look after Australia’s finest sportsmen and women.

What you’ll learn.

By getting involved you’ll learn about the importance of physical activity, stress management, work/life balance, healthily eating habits, muscle strengthening and mental health.

What the program includes.

The physical training sessions are held outside of working hours once a week for four weeks and may include physical assessment, weights and resistance training, boxing, cardio - rowing and Bike and footy drills / Medicine ball.

Get ready for the challenge.

Not only will you experience a range of healthy activities including a physical assessment, cardio, boxing and weights/resistance training to assist in boosting individual fitness, flexibility, health and sporting skills. You’ll be training like a star in no time – all you need is commitment and drive. You’ll be surprised how far you can go!

Gold Coast SUNS

The Gold Coast SUNS were officially introduced into the AFL competition for the first time in 2011. It’s a fresh, vibrant and bold organization with an exciting future on the playing field and in off-field support.

Meet your trainer

Health Wealth provides exclusive access to high profile AFL Club facilities and the trainers behind some of Australia’s highest performing sports people. Find out more about the trainers that will be putting you through your paces over the next six weeks.

Meet the trainers

Helping you kick-start a journey to a healthier you!


Session 1
6:45am - 7:45am
Introduction – Meet & greet, facility tour and overview. Collect your welcome pack followed by a Nutrition talk plus breakfast and undertake a physical assessment to establish your baseline fitness level for future training.
Sessions 2 - 3
6:45am - 7:45am
Physical training session. Readiness scale, Movement prep, Strength circuit, Conditioning work, Recovery
Session 4
6:45am - 7:45am
Physical training session including a repeat of the assessment in session one to gauge progress and your achievements, plus a breakfast.


Sorry, there are currently no sessions scheduled please check back soon.

This information is general in nature and has been prepared without taking into account your particular health situation, objectives or needs. We recommend you seek the advice of a qualified medical practitioner prior to registering for and undertaking any exercise program. In registering your interest in the Heath Wealth Program (Program) you declare that you are in good health and in proper physical condition to safely participate in the Program, and undertake to notify Hostplus and the RFC or GCS in writing of any change to your fitness levels and or ability to participate in the Program. Host-Plus Pty Limited makes no representation, warranty or guarantee, and accepts no liability whether direct, indirect or consequential arising out of or in connection with, the use of, or reliance on the information provided, any physical assessment undertaken, or from participation in the Program generally. Hostplus and the RFC or GCS may in their absolute discretion restrict the Program where a participant is deemed unsuitable. The copyright and intellectual property rights of the information contained on this website belongs to and remains the property of Host-Plus Pty. Limited You may use the information for your own non-commercial use, but you may not use, copy, reproduce, store or alter in any way the information and material provided without the prior written consent of Host-Plus Pty. Limited.