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Your super’s helping the transition to a net zero carbon future.

Published March 2023

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Updated 12 Apr 2023
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While your super works hard to give you the retirement you deserve, it’s also helping deliver the world’s lowest-cost green hydrogen.

At Hostplus, we’re committed to finding investments that have the potential to deliver positive returns for our members. We’re especially proud when those investments also have a positive impact on the world in which we live. One such investment, Australian company Hysata, has developed breakthrough technology to produce green hydrogen.1

What’s green hydrogen?

Hydrogen is a common element that can be used as fuel, to store electricity or as a raw material.2 When produced using renewable electricity, it’s categorised as ‘green’ hydrogen.  

Hydrogen only emits water when it’s burned.3 This means green hydrogen will be vital to decarbonise sectors where emissions are hard to reduce, like heavy industry, shipping, aviation and heavy-duty transport.4 Green hydrogen can potentially meet up to 25% of energy demand in a net zero global economy.5 It can also contribute over 20% of the reduction in global carbon emissions needed in 2050 for net zero.6

To create green hydrogen, technology called an ‘electrolyser’ splits water into hydrogen and oxygen using electricity generated from renewable energy sources. While electrolysers are the key technology for producing green hydrogen, the ones currently used are complex, costly and only moderately efficient.

Hysata’s innovation

Hysata has designed a new, more efficient type of electrolyser. Thanks to innovative Australian technology, Hysata’s redesigned electrolyser operates at 95% system efficiency. In comparison, existing technologies typically operate at 75% efficiency or less.5 Hysata’s electrolyser puts the company on a path to delivering the world’s lowest-cost green hydrogen and offering a commercially feasible solution towards global decarbonisation.

Launched in 2021, Hysata is rapidly expanding. They're now partnering with global investors to bring their technology to market. This will not only create jobs but also position Australia as a leader in green hydrogen.7

We’re proud to invest in Hysata (via the IP Group Hostplus Innovation Fund). Their technology will help play a major role in the transition to a net zero carbon future.  

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