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Announcement on changes to Hostplus Service Centre

Hostplus has announced that its partnership with its fund administrator, Link Group (Link), will be extended to include the outsourcing and management of its service centre and other member service functions.

The extended partnership arrangement with Link, which currently performs core fund administration and contact centre services for a number of Australia’s leading superannuation funds, will deliver a broader, multi-channelled, communication and engagement experience for Hostplus’ 1.3 million members and over 220,000 contributing employers.

As part of this change, which will be effective from 1 March 2021, all current Hostplus Service Centre staff, as well as its internal dispute Resolution Team, will transfer from Hostplus’ trustee office to a new Hostplus Service Excellence Centre (HSEC) which will be established within Link.

In a message delivered to staff today, Hostplus’ CEO, David Elia, said “The establishment of the HSEC will ensure that we are well positioned, now and into the future, to deliver the highest customer service standards and experience through the considerable expertise that Link has built up over the years, supported by its significant investment in its state-of-the-art technology.

“The way we engage and interact with our members and contributing employers has changed significantly over the years. Partnering with Link to realise and leverage its strengths and expertise in providing these services makes enormous sense and, more importantly, is in the best interests of our members.”

Importantly, Hostplus team members will have their roles transitioned to Link. Transferred staff will see their existing Hostplus Enterprise Agreement conditions and entitlements, such as long-service leave entitlements and other conditions of employment transfer across with them to Link. There will be no requirement for redundancies as a result of this announcement.

“We also believe this represents a positive outcome for our dedicated and valued service centre and resolutions teams, who we are confident will be joining an organisation that is an industry leader in its field and which offers broader opportunities for growth and development for these staff.”

While staff will be integrated into Link’s organisation structure as part of this extended partnership, Hostplus will continue to provide oversight of the HSEC and all transitioning staff will continue to deliver high levels of service and solutions for Hostplus’ members and contributing employers.

“I am confident that Link’s knowledge of the Hostplus brand and passion for service excellence, together with its technological capabilities and expertise in this field, will continue to deliver an excellent customer experience for our members and employers”, said David Elia.

Dee McGrath, CEO, Retirement & Superannuation Solutions at Link Group commented “We’re delighted with this latest milestone in our longstanding partnership with Hostplus. This step will see us provide the full benefits of our market leading technological capability to ensure consistent, improved and tailored experiences for Hostplus members and employers. We’re excited to extend our strategic partnership with Hostplus as they enter this new stage of growth.”


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