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Advisers product summary.

Minimum initial investment: $10,000

Minimum additional investment (per option): $5,000

Minimum ongoing account balance amount: $10,000
Subject to market movement. When investors’ balance falls below $2,000, a request may be made by the Trustee to top up or withdraw the balance in full.

Minimum switch amount (per option): $5,000*

Minimum redemption amount (per option): $5,000*

Maximum investment: Unlimited. The Trustee reserves the right to decline any application and additional investments at its absolute discretion.

Unit pricing: Calculated each national business day (T) and made available at at midday T+2 on every national business day.

*Switches and withdrawals may be accepted below the minimum limit where the balance of an option has fallen below that minimum limit due to market movement.


It is important to understand the impact of fees and costs on the investment. Fees or charges may change from time to time, which may affect the value of your investment. For full details of the fees and costs including definitions of each fee and cost, please view the fees page here


Download our easy to understand infographic.

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