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Hostplus will always advise its investors about any material changes to the Hostplus PST. A change or event could include any decisions that will affect an investors investment, including a change to fees and costs or changes to the product offering.

The key message announcing the decisions and impact is referred to as a Significant Event Notice (SEN) which is sent to affected investors. Hostplus aim is to provide information to investors in a clear, concise manner that will enable them to understand the nature of the change or event and the effect it could have on them.

Timing of a Significant Event Notice (SEN)

  • A change or event which is an increase in fees or charges will be sent at least 30 days before the change takes effect.
  • A change or event which is not an increase in fees or charges will be sent as soon as possible but not later than three months after the change takes effect.
  • A change that is not an increase in fees or charges and Hostplus reasonably believes is not adverse to an investor’s interest, or that an investor would not be affected by a delay in receiving the information, will be sent within 12 months of the change taking effect.

Notice date

Nature of event/change

Impact of change

Financial year 2019/20

24 October 2019


The full 24 October 2019 SEN is available here.

Changes to SMI investment options descriptions.

Various investment options have had changes to their descriptions such as:

  • Return target,
  • Level of investment risk,
  • Investment suitability, 
  • Minimum suggested time frame, and
  • Strategic asset allocation.

Changes affected investors in these Hostplus SMI investment options.

Financial year 2018/19

3 April 2019

The full 3 April 2019 SEN is available here.
Changes to Infrastructure and Property investment options From 27 May 2019 the Hostplus PST will introduce two new investment options - Infrastructure and Property. These are in addition to our existing Infrastructure and Property options which will be re-named IFM – Australian Infrastructure and Industry Super Property Trust – Property.
20 March 2019

The full 20 March 2019 SEN is available here.
Changes to Infrastructure and Property investment options From 29 April 2019 the Hostplus PST Infrastructure and Property investment options will include an increased number of specialist investment managers to provide greater diversification with a view to better risk-return outcomes in the long-term.

These changes resulted in increased investment fees and costs in these options.


Significant Event Notice (SEN) 3 April 2019

Significant Event Notice (SEN) 20 March 2019

SMI Investor Brochure

An Investor brochure detailing the key product benefits and the various product options.

Product Disclosure Statement (PDS)

Information on the features, benefits, costs and risks of investing with the Hostplus SMI.

Additional Information Brochure

Detailed information on the product features and costs. This document forms part of the Hostplus SMI PDS and should be read in conjunction with the PDS.

Financial Services Guide

Important information about financial services offered by Host-Plus Pty Limited ABN 79 008 6347 704 (Hostplus) and its representatives.

Annual Report

This report contains investment results, a market update, fund financials and legislative updates.

Privacy Policy

Details on how we protect your privacy, the reasons why we collect your personal information, and how we comply with the Australian Privacy Principles.

Data Handling Statement

Includes information about overseas disclosure of personal information as well as how you can make a complaint about a breach of your privacy.

Trust Deed

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