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How it works.

When you invest in Hostplus SMI, your money is pooled with other investors’ money and invested on your behalf.

Investment options offered within the Trust are divided into units, which you are allocated based on the value of your investment and the relevant unit price.

Each investment option is designed with different investment objectives, strategies and risk profiles, established by Hostplus in consultation with our asset consultant, JANA Investment Advisers Pty Ltd (JANA). Together, we closely monitor and regularly review the performance of each investment option as well as individual managers.

Investment portfolios that make up the respective investment options are managed by professional, reputable managers selected by Hostplus.

Who can invest?

You can make an investment in Hostplus SMI if you are a:

  • Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF)
  • Small APRA Fund (SAF)
  • Approved Deposit Fund (ADF)
  • Other eligible complying regulated superannuation entity, as determined by the Trustee

How to apply.

1. Read the offer documents

2. Apply Online

  • Register your details and then login
  • Complete an online application
  • Complete the online identification requirements

3. Make the initial deposit

Once the application is complete and has been verified, deposit funds.

Before applying you should have read and understood all relevant compliance and disclosure documents including the Financial Services Guide, Product Disclosure Statement, Privacy Policy and Data Handling Statement.
For information on how to invest with Hostplus Self-Managed Invest refer to our additional information brochure and website.
The offer to invest in Hostplus Self-Managed Invest made in this document is only to those persons receiving this offer in Australia (electronically or otherwise). The Trustee reserves the right to decline any application.

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