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IFM - Australian Infrastructure Investment Option

The IFM – Australian Infrastructure Option provides access to a diversified portfolio of Australian infrastructure assets, comprising an extensive collection of ports, airports, roads and utilities. IFM Investors is a globally-renowned Australian investment manager that has been managing infrastructure investments for over 20 years.

Given the stable demand for essential services, investments in unlisted infrastructure assets are typically less correlated to general market cycles, which can help to provide resilience during periods of market volatility. This attribute delivers strong diversification benefits which help to reduce overall portfolio risk.

Typically, these unlisted infrastructure assets are inaccessible to individuals, SMSFs or other retail investors. However, through Hostplus’ size, scale and distinctive liquidity characteristics, along with the daily unit price structure of Hostplus SMI, these assets have been made available to SMSF investors.

IFM - Australian Infrastructure Option - Summary:

  • Investment objective: CPI plus 3.0% p.a. over 20 years
  • Investment risk: High (negative returns expected in between 4 to 6 out of every 20 years)
  • Investment style: Long-term direct investment option that invests in infrastructure assets, such as airports, toll roads, power plants and utilities across Australia.
  • Minimum suggested investment time frame: 5 + years

1. The level of investment risk is based on an industry-wide Standard Risk Measure. It shows the number of expected negative annual returns over a 20-year period. 2. The minimum suggested time frame is based on the risk and return profile of this option. The time frame considers volatility and the likelihood of negative annual returns in any one year.

Strategic Asset Allocation

SAA Benchmark
 Growth assets  50%
 Defensive assets  50%

Investment Managers as at March 2019:

  • IFM Australian Infrastructure Fund – IFM Investors Pty Ltd

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