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Star Entertainment Group Exclusive Offer.

Take advantage of a Star Entertainment Group exclusive.

The Star Entertainment Group has recently negotiated with our preferred superannuation partner Hostplus, to offer you the opportunity to increase your level of Death and Total & Permanent Disability insurance whilst continuing to have access to Salary Continuance insurance paid for by the Star

To take a look at your current level of insurance, simply log on to your account via Member Online.

Insurance helps to protect you and your loved ones against the unexpected and the importance of getting the right cover for your needs can’t be overstated. That’s why we offer the flexibility to tailor your benefits to match your lifestyle and goals.

Hostplus, preferred superannuation partner of The Star Entertainment Group, is the number one super fund over 1, 3, 5, 7 and 15 years. According to SuperRatings*, our default Balanced Investment Option outperformed competitors over the short and the long term to 30 June 2018.

To take advantage of this fantastic offer please submit your details via the form below.

If you wish to maintain your existing levels of insurance, you don’t need to take any further action.

*Number one Balanced Fund over 1 year (12.50%) 3 years (10.16%p.a.), 5 years (11.01%p.a.), 7 years (10.25%p.a.) and 15 years (8.63%), SuperRatings Balanced Fund Crediting Rate Survey, June 2018. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

  • I accept the new formula used to calculate my Death and Total & Permanent Disability cover is: 15% of salary x years of future service to 65th birthday, with Automatic Acceptance Limit (AAL) of up to $1,500,000;
  • I understand and accept the terms of the Hostplus Executive and Star Entertainment Group insurance arrangements effective from 1 November 2018;
  • I have read and understand the Hostplus Executive Member Guide (Product Disclosure Statement);
  • I understand and accept that my insurance fees will increase by accepting the Star Entertainment Group insurance arrangement dated 1 October 2018 in accordance with the Hostplus Executive Member Guide (Product Disclosure Statement); and,
  • I understand there is no change to my existing Salary Continuance cover.