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Partnering with us

Hostplus is the national super fund for workers in the hospitality, tourism, recreation and sport industries. Our partner and sponsorship program strives to champion our industries within Australia and by extension, the valued members who live and love their roles within them.

Partnering with us.

Some examples of our key relationships include the Australian Hotels Association (AHA), Restaurant and Catering (R&C), United Voice, AFL, AFLW, select teams within the AFL and NRL and the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival.

When considering a new partnership Hostplus looks to ensure our membership and pillar industries as a whole will benefit from the arrangement be it in the form of marketing platforms to promote the benefits of Hostplus to our members, providing opportunities that support the growth and talent of members within our industries.

We apply fair but rigorous standard to the evaluation of partnership proposals to ensure they deliver benefits to our members and meet our over-arching Fund objectives consistent with our legal obligations. In no circumstances will partnership or sponsorship arrangements be used to influence the choice of our fund through the provision of prohibited incentives to employers and others.

If you wish to contact Hostplus with regard to a sponsorship or partnership, we encourage you to read the following criteria overview before submitting the details of your proposal.

Please note, submissions that do not to meet our guidelines will not be considered, and you will be formally notified should this be the case.

Criteria Overview

  • Strategic alignment with Hostplus’ industries
    • All partners are expected to clearly represent one or more of the funds key industries of hospitality, tourism, recreation and sport.
  • Assists the fund to meet business objectives
  • Partnerships will be assessed for the potential to further Hostplus’ position as one of Australia’s leading superannuation funds
  • Demographic and geographic alignment with Hostplus member and employer base

Please note, Hostplus does not enter into partnerships with individuals, political or religious organisations.

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