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How to join Hostplus

Hostplus is a quality award-winning super fund, recognised for consistent performance, low administration fees and exceptional service.

Everyone is welcome to join us as a member of our Personal Super Plan.

Eligible Personal members will automatically receive unitised Death and TPD insurance cover, subject to a pre-existing conditions exclusion.

Please complete the online form if:

  • You’re eligible for Super Choice, i.e. you’re employed by a non-Hostplus participating employer,
  • You’re self-employed, or
  • You’re not in paid employment.

If you are eligible, your automatic insurance will commence when you first meet the following criteria as required under the Putting Members’ Interests First legislation:

  • You are aged at least 25 years; and
  • Your account in Hostplus has a balance of at least $6,000.

Prior to meeting the above criteria, you can also Opt-in to have automatic insurance cover for the first time (subject to terms, conditions and eligibility requirements). If you Opt-in, your automatic insurance will commence from the Cover Commencement Date.

*A member’s account is considered inactive (for the purposes of insurance) if we have not received a contribution or rollover into that account for a continuous period of 16 months and you have not made a written request or positive election to be provided with cover even where your account becomes inactive.

If you work in the hospitality, tourism, recreation or sport industry and your employer is a registered participating employer with Hostplus, you are not required to complete any membership forms to join. Your participating employer can register you and commence making superannuation payments for you.

Join online now

Why do more than 200,000 employers contribute  to Hostplus?

No fees. Easy payments. Regular communication. On-call assistance. It’s a quality super package that makes meeting your super obligations simple.

It’s also a smart super choice for your employees. One we’re sure they’ll thank you for in the long run.

Want to find out more?

Get in touch with our expert New Business team who can guide you through the everything you need to know about superannuation and becoming a Hostplus employer.

Ready to partner with Hostplus?

Become a registered Hostplus employer in less than 10 minutes and make super payments to your staff right away.

Join online now

Starting a Hostplus Pension or joining Hostplus if you’re not already a member is easy. 

Simply complete the Membership Form at the back of the Pension Guide, which contains important information on the features and costs of the product. 

Pension eligibility

To invest in the Hostplus Pension, you need to have at least $10,000 currently invested in superannuation. This can be in either your Hostplus super account or with another complying super fund, as long as you have a total of $10,000.

In order to access your super and start a Hostplus Pension you must meet one of the following conditions of release unless you’re taking advantage of a Transition to Retirement (TTR) option: 

  • Have reached the preservation age and permanently retired. 
  • Have reached age 60 and have stopped working. 
  • Have reached age 65. 
  • Are totally and permanently disabled.
  • Are terminally ill.

Also note that temporary residents can't access pensions.

To be eligible to commence a TTR pension you need to have $10,000 invested in superannuation and reached your preservation age. 

To discuss your retirement options, contact us on 1300 348 546 Monday to Friday, 8am - 8pm AEDST or get in touch with one of our dedicated, licensed financial planners.

Download the Pension Guide

It only takes a few minutes to register to invest with Hostplus Self-Managed Invest.

You can make an investment in Hostplus SMI if you are a:

  • Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF)
  • Small APRA Fund (SAF)
  • Approved Deposit Fund (ADF)
  • Or other eligible complying regulated superannuation entity, as determined by the Trustee.

Before you start your application, you will need access to the following information and documents:

  • Access to the ABN, contact and banking details of the super fund (corporate Trustee will also require details of the ACN)
  • Access to the contact details (phone and email) and identification details (driver license or passport) of each trustee/director
  • Individual trustee(s) will also need to upload a certified extract of the Trust Deed showing the names of all current trustees.

Additionally, Advisers will need:

  • Authorised Representative Number registered with ASIC
  • Proof of Identification (Driver License or Passport)

For more information on how to register as an Adviser, please call 1300 350 819.

Before applying you should have read and understood all relevant compliance and disclosure documents including the Financial Services Guide, Product Disclosure Statement, Privacy Policy and Data Handling Statement.

Investor Registration

We’re here to help. If you need any assistance with your application please call us on 1300 350 819.

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