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Forms and brochures

We’ve compiled the forms and brochures you need onto one easy page.

Choose between downloading our Hostplus brochures, or request to be sent some by mail. If there’s something you can’t find here, don’t hesitate to call us on 1300 467 875. We’re available to assist with any enquiries Monday to Friday, 8am - 8pm AEST.

Member Guide (Product Disclosure Statement)

Information on the features, benefits, costs and risks of investing your super with Hostplus.

Member Forms booklet

If you've just joined, this booklet has all the forms you need to update your personal details, rollover, transfer your insurance from another fund and more.

Transfer your entire super to Hostplus 

How to get all your super into your Hostplus account.

Partial rollover form

Use this form to roll part of your account balance with another fund to Hostplus.

Pay my super into Hostplus- Standard choice form

If you’re starting a new job you may need to give this to your employer along with your Choice form to ensure your super continues to be paid to Hostplus.

Extra Contributions Guide

Explains the different ways you can add more money to your super. Includes a form to set up direct debit contributions.

Salary Sacrifice brochure

Salary sacrifice can be a powerful way to pay less tax and build more super. Learn more about salary sacrifice.

Co-Contributions Fact Sheet

Find out more about the Government co-contribution scheme and whether or not you're eligible to get a super boost.

Contribution Slip booklet

Contains slips for you to complete and send if you are making a personal or spouse contribution via cheque.

Binding Death Benefit brochure

Make sure your benefits go to the right people. This brochure explains binding death benefit nominations and how they legally bind Hostplus to pay your death benefit (insurance or super) to the beneficiaries you have nominated.

Change of Member Details form

This form is for members who need to change their details, such as address, phone number or the names of their preferred beneficiaries.

Tax File Number (TFN) Declaration form

Complete this form to provide us with your TFN to ensure you don't pay more tax than you need to. You can also provide your TFN online.

Direct Debit authority form

Arrange for personal contributions to your super to be deducted directly from your bank account.

Letter of Authority

Use this form to authorise someone other than yourself to obtain information regarding your Hostplus account.

Certifying your ID Guide

When submitting forms to Hostplus you may be required to verify your identity. To help you provide the right documentation, this fact sheet provides more information on how to certify your ID. 

Compliance Letter

If you’re starting a new job you may need to give this to your employer along with your Choice form to ensure your super continues to be paid to Hostplus.

Transfer your Super to a KiwiSaver scheme

If you’re living in New Zealand on a permanent basis, you might be considering transferring your super to your KiwiSaver account. This guide explains the process with a step by step guide.

Access your super: Financial hardship factsheet

You may be allowed early access to your super in the cases of severe financial hardship.

Access your super: Compassionate Grounds fact sheet

There are some circumstances when you may be allowed early access to your super on compassionate grounds.

Your statement made easy

The language of super can be confusing. This easy-to-read guide will help you better understand the more technical aspects of your statement.

For detailed information about all our insurance products, please read Section 8: ‘Insurance in your super’ in our Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).

Increase your insurance cover

Use this form to increase your insurance cover.

Pension Guide Product Disclosure Statement

You can join using the Membership Form at the back of the Pension Guide, which contains important information on the features and costs of the Hostplus Pension.

Leave your super in hands you trust

This fact sheet is an at-a-glance guide to the Hostplus Pension.

SuperRatings Fundamentals fact sheet

Find out how the Hostplus Pension compares with others.

Pension Online Guide

This fact sheet introduces the simple and convenient way for you to manage your Hostplus Pension account online, anywhere and anytime.

Pension change of payment form

Complete this form to change how much you receive from your Hostplus Pension account, how often you receive it and/or your bank account details. You can also change your payment details online.

Change of personal details form

Complete this form if your details have changed or if you’d like to change your nominated beneficiaries. You can also change your details online

Letter of authority

Complete this form to authorise someone to obtain information about your superannuation or pension account on your behalf.

Binding Death Notification form

Complete this form to make, update or cancel a binding death benefit nomination for your Hostplus Pension account.

Additional Rollover form

When you join the Hostplus Pension, you will need to complete one of these forms for each fund you transfer into your Hostplus Pension account. There's one form included in the Pension Guide, but you may have more than one super fund to transfer.

Switching Form

Complete this form to switch investment options. You can also change your investment option online.

Pension withdrawal form

Complete this form to make a full or partial withdrawal from your Hostplus Pension account.

Tax File Number (TFN) Declaration Form for Pension 

Complete this form to provide us with your TFN to ensure you don't pay more tax than you need to. You can also provide your TFN online.

Extras brochure

Find out more about the extra benefits available to Hostplus Super and Hostplus Pension members. Learn about all our extras now.

Your guide to Choiceplus

Choiceplus is offered as part of our existing member investment choice menu, providing you with many of the benefits of a self managed super fund without the cost and administrative burden.

Download the list of ETFs that Hostplus offers through Choiceplus

If you would like a range of forms and brochures, for yourself or for your employees, to be sent out to you, simply complete our online request form here.

Employer Guide

Everything you need to know about your super obligations and becoming a participating Hostplus employer, including the application form at the back.

You can also join online now.

Benefits at a glance

Hostplus is committed to providing our employers with the best possible service so you can get on with doing what you do best - running your business.

Create your own tailored choice form online

Simply complete your company details right now, then print and provide your customised forms to your employees to help meet your super choice obligations.

Employer contribution advice form

Complete this form to provide super contribution details for the payments made on behalf of employees.

Find out how you can do this online.

Need help? Give us a call on 1300 467 875. We’re available to assist with any enquiries Monday to Friday, 8am - 8pm AEST.

Whenever you’ve got a question, check our FAQs for common queries

Annual Reports

This report contains investment results, a market update, fund financials and legislative updates. View previous annual report.

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