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Published November 2022

Safety Culture iAuditor
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Media Team
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Updated 27 Feb 2023
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Imagine starting a multi-million-dollar business in your garage. That’s what Luke Anear did when he launched his company, SafetyCulture, in Townsville, Queensland, in 2004. The company’s mission? To help prevent workplace injuries through innovative, low-cost products.  

As a private investigator, Anear had witnessed the tragedy of thousands of workplace injuries. In 2004, he created a series of checklists to help companies keep track of everything they needed to do to protect their workers, and SafetyCulture was born.  

Anear’s checklists went mobile in 2012 with SafetyCulture’s iAuditor app revolutionising the way safety inspections are conducted. According to SafetyCulture, iAuditor powers 600 million checks a year and is used in over 85 countries – and growing. Teams can immediately photograph hazards, report near-misses and alert others about potential risks, all from their mobile devices by using iAuditor or a QR code.

Alongside iAuditor, SafetyCulture’s workplace operations platform now includes temperature and humidity sensors, data capture, analytics and mobile training apps. They’ve expanded their operations around the world, and now have offices in Sydney, San Francisco, Kansas City, Manchester and Manila.

Industries ranging from construction to retail to leisure and transport use iAuditor and its associated products to:  

  • monitor safe working temperatures and wind speeds  
  • keep refrigeration at a standard 
  • maintain equipment  
  • check cleanliness  
  • meet service protocols, and more.  

SafetyCulture is used and trusted by top brands and organisations such as NASA, the United Nations, the Australian Open, Accor hospitality group (which owns and operates brands like Sofitel, Mercure and Ibis), and JetBlue Airways in the US.

Hostplus has invested over $3 billion1 in companies like SafetyCulture, that aim to provide you with the retirement you deserve while improving the world we live in.‍

The information in this article is correct as at time of publication.

1. Source: Hostplus, as at 30 June 2022

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