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Everything changes when you have children. And while your super may not be your top concern now, taking parental leave – or any other form of career break for that matter – can have an impact on your future super balance. Let’s take a look at the options that can help you enjoy a positive future down the track. 


Every contribution

is a plus

From spouse contributions to the government’s co-contribution scheme, there are a number of ways to boost your super if you take a break from work.


Contribution splitting

Your partner can opt to split up to 85% of their eligible super contributions and deposit those funds into your account. This could help you continue growing your balance and maintain any insurances associated with your account.

You can’t be at preservation age or permanently retired, and you can only split the contribution as a lump sum immediately after the end of the financial year.

Make spouse super contributions

Your spouse can also make after-tax contributions to your super and may be able to receive the maximum 18% tax offset – which means they’ll be up to $540 better off if you earn $37,000 per annum or less. While it may not be as effective from a tax point of view as contribution splitting, it still helps to grow your super balance, so you can enjoy retirement together. 

It’s easy to make voluntary contributions to your super. Simply log in to Member Online or the Hostplus app to find the BPAY details for your account.

Learn more about spouse contributions

Take advantage of government super co-contributions

The government’s super co-contribution scheme is designed to help low-to-middle-income earners increase their super contributions. You need to pass the income threshold test and make after-tax contributions to your super, but you could see an additional amount of up to $500 hit your super account at tax time if you’re eligible. 


Consolidate your super accounts

If you have multiple super accounts, merging these into one single Hostplus account when you go on parental leave could offer lots of positives – like saving money on unnecessary fees and other costs (such as insurance premiums). Plus, because it’s all in one place, you’ll be able to manage and track your investments more easily.

Before you consolidate1, there’s a lot to consider. Always do your own research or seek financial advice to make sure it’s right for you.

1. Before consolidating your super, you should check with your existing super fund on whether there are any fees or charges that may apply or any loss of benefits, such as insurance cover. If you have insurance cover with another super fund, you may be able to transfer that cover to Hostplus. To find out if you are eligible visit to learn more. You may also find it beneficial to obtain advice from a licensed financial adviser.

Get peace of mind for
you and your growing family

If you’ve got a new family member on the way, you may want to make sure your insurance still meets your needs.

Find the right insurance for your situation

Find information and resources to help you get the right cover, transfer insurance to Hostplus or nominate a beneficiary. 

Apply for premium-free cover while on parental leave

You might be eligible for premium-free insurance cover during your parental leave.

Log in to get your super and insurance ready for your new arrival.

Get expert financial advice

If you’re starting a family, the right advice could be priceless. Expert financial advice can help you:

  • understand how you can continue to grow your
    super balance while on parental leave
  • get the right insurance for your situation 
  • maximise government benefits
  • develop an estate plan in case the worst should

Whatever your needs, we have a range of expert advice options to help you create a positive financial future.