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More certainty over your returns in retirement.

CPIplus is a low-risk pension investment option that aims to deliver a predetermined return above the  consumer price index (CPI) each year. That means more certainty over your returns in retirement.

Introducing CPIplus

CPIplus is an innovative pension investment option that aims to give you long-term returns that are more consistent and less volatile than growth assets such as shares.

At the same time, CPIplus seeks to provide generally higher returns than defensive assets such as cash or fixed interest.

Returns from CPIplus are set in advance at a certain percentage above the Consumer Price Index (CPI). For the financial year 2024 – 2025, we've set the return at CPI plus 2.5%. The return formula is not affected by the performance of the underlying investments, and you will not receive a negative return.

In addition, CPIplus is designed to provide you with flexibility and liquidity. It's simple to access your funds, and you can easily switch investment options as your needs change. 

Watch Hostplus Financial Planner Bahar McLeod explain the ins and outs of CPIplus.

CPIplus benefits

Peace of mind

A low-risk investment option that aims to provide a pre-determined and more consistent return in your retirement.

Returns for 1 July 2023 to 30 June 2024 are set as CPI + 2.0%. Returns for 1 July 2024 to 30 June 2025 will be set at CPI + 2.5%.*

*Though returns above inflation are predetermined annually, Hostplus can shorten the return period. Hostplus may also adjust the rate of return with 30 days’ notice.


Have the flexibility to access your funds whenever you need, switch in and out of the option or invest some or all your pension into CPIplus.*

*To open a Hostplus account-based pension, a minimum of $10,000 must be invested. In addition, at least 1% of your balance must be invested in any selected investment option (including CPIplus).


An option that aims to deliver a consistent annual return above inflation, over the long term. We’ve set a lower limit for returns, which is zero percent. In other words, returns won’t be lower than zero.

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Watch our Financial Planner, Prabath Ekanayake, on Channel 7’s The Morning Show as he discusses CPIplus.

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Already a Hostplus member?

If you’ve already got a Hostplus Pension account and want to switch some of your balance into CPIplus, simply log in to Member Online.

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To invest in CPIplus, you’ll need to open a Hostplus Pension account. Eligibility rules apply.


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Why join Hostplus Pension

There are a lot of retirement options out there. Here’s why Hostplus Pension could be right for you. 

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