First Nations Peoples
and Hostplus

Hostplus is committed to working with the government and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to enhance retirement income security for First Nations peoples.  

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What is super?

Super is the money your employer (or you) sets aside over your working life to save for retirement.

Super funds like Hostplus aim to grow and protect your balance by investing these contributions until you're able to access the funds later in life.

Find your lost super

If you've changed jobs or changed your name or address, you might have lost super waiting to be found.

Every little bit of savings can help you achieve a better retiement. So it never hurts to spend 10 minutes checking for lost super.

Hostplus Reconciliation Action Plan

Our vision for reconciliation is for a respectful, proud and equitable Australia, with financial wellbeing and retirement income security for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

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Alternative ID verification for Indigenous persons 

If you are a member of Indigenous Australian and/or Torres Strait Islander heritage and are unable to meet the current Hostplus identification requirements, you may be able to use our Indigenous Persons Identity Referral Form to help verify your identity. 

Alternatively, some service providers in remote communities may be able to include your photograph in a letter confirming your identity, using the organisation’s letterhead stationery. 

ATO helpline

Did you know the ATO has a helpline that aims to make tax and super as easy as possible for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, businesses, and not-for-profit organisations? 

To get free tax help, simply call the ATO Indigenous helpline on 13 10 30. 

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Manage your super anywhere. That’s a plus

Take control of your super with the Hostplus app. Download the app today to check your balance, keep track of your contributions and view your investment performance.
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