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Navigating your super to retirement

Not sure what to do with your super leading up to retirement or what options are available to you? This webinar is a good place to start.

In this webinar, we cover options you should be thinking about leading up to and into retirement. Watch this webinar to learn about the different ways you could increase your super, how to access your super in retirement and the income sources you could get in retirement.

Access your super before retirement

Want to reduce your working hours while keeping the same lifestyle? If you’re 60 or above, you may be eligible to access your super while you’re still working using a Transition to Retirement Strategy (TTR). A  TTR strategy lets you use your super to top up your take-home pay while reducing your tax. Watch this webinar to understand if a TTR strategy is suitable for you.


One of the more confusing aspects of retirement is dealing with Centrelink and how they will assess what you are entitled to. 

Watch this webinar to understand the types of tests that Centrelink will apply to those who are eligible and how this will impact your entitlements.

Aged care

Aged care can be a daunting subject for a lot of us and unfortunately a lot of decisions around aged care are made after someone has an immediate need, which can cause emotional stress on those making the decisions. 

This webinar will guide you through the different types of care available, how they are assessed and how they can be paid for. We hope that after this webinar you will have a better understanding of aged care options and be better prepared when the time comes.

If you would like to speak with one of our financial advisers, please book an appointment with us today.