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Frequently asked

Important things you need to know as you research, manage and transition your investments.

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About SMI

When an investment is made into Hostplus SMI, the money is pooled with money from other investors to buy investments on behalf of all investors. Investment options offered within Hostplus SMI are then divided into units and allocated into the selected investment options based on the value of the investment and the relevant unit price.

The Hostplus SMI is a pooled superannuation trust (PST) as defined under the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993 (SIS Act) and is designed to pool assets of eligible complying superannuation entities to invest in high-quality assets managed by Hostplus and selected external investment managers. Trustees of SMSFs can invest in Hostplus SMI by purchasing units in one or more of the investment options offered by the Trustee of the PST. The number of units issued, is determined by dividing your investment amount in the relevant investment option, by the unit price which takes into consideration any relevant fees, costs, and taxes.

Managing investments

The Trustee values the assets of each investment option at the latest available prices. In valuing the assets, an allowance is made for the following to determine the net value of the assets in the relevant Hostplus SMI investment option:  

  • expense recoveries,
  • investment costs,
  • transactions costs, and
  • income tax.  

This valuation is then divided by the total units in each option. Unit prices generally rise and fall with movements in the value of underlying assets.

You can reset your password by clicking forgot password and follow the prompts. To unblock your account, contact the SMI team on 1300 350 819.

All you have to do is log on to the portal here. Here’s a quick reminder about the minimum transaction details:

‍SMI investment details

  • ‍Minimum additional investment (per option): $5,000
  • Minimum ongoing account balance amount: $10,000
  • Minimum switch amount (per option): $5,000
  • Minimum redemption amount (per option): $5,000

‍Maximum investment 

‍Unlimited. The Trustee reserves the right to decline any application and additional investments at its absolute discretion.

Due to the different tax treatments of accumulation and pension phases, separate units and prices are allocated to the equivalent options in each of these different phases. That means, to change an investment  option from accumulation to pension, a full redemption and subsequent new application will need to be processed.

SMI issues a quarterly statement in the month following the close of the previous quarter. This means, they’re issued in January, April, July and October of each year. As a PST is a tax-paid vehicle, no annual tax statement is issued.

Tax and audit

Hostplus SMI investments are managed via a pooled superannuation trust (PST) which is a tax-paid investment vehicle. This means that the tax reporting, liability and compliance lies with Hostplus and not the investor.

The Hostplus SMI investments are managed via a pooled superannuation trust (PST) which is a tax-paid investment vehicle. This means that the tax liability lies with Hostplus and not the investor. Depending on whether you are invested in the accumulation or pension units, there are different tax treatments that are applied. For accumulation units, the tax on income earned and any capital gains or losses generated on the disposal of assets, is paid for and incorporated within the unit price. For pension units, there is no tax liability as pension is a tax-free environment. When entering SMI, it is the SMSF Trustee's responsibility to ensure they are selecting the appropriate units to ensure the correct tax treatment is applied.

All relevant audit reports for SMI are available on our Governance and Disclosures pages under Reports
Please be advised that Hostplus does not issue a GS007 report for SMI.

Switching windows – Property & Infrastructure options

Hostplus has an obligation to always act in the best financial interests of our members and investors. While we believe it’s important for members and investors to have flexible access to their investments, we must also protect the longer-term interests of other members and investors. In certain circumstances frequent investment switches may be detrimental to other members or investors. This may particularly be the case when the switches relate to unlisted assets. That’s because these assets aren’t listed on the stock exchange, or other market, which means they aren’t valued daily in the same way as listed assets.

Hostplus is required to set and routinely review the design, distribution and use of our financial products. Additionally, the superannuation industry regulator (APRA) recently issued its updated Prudential Standard SPS 530 (Investment Governance) which provides guidance and requires all superannuation funds to review and as appropriate increase, extend and strengthen their investment governance frameworks and practices. This includes valuation practices, liquidity management and investment switching, to ensure member equity considerations are well managed and protected.  

In response, we’ve recently updated our investment governance policies and processes. One particular area where we have enhanced our controls is around investment switching. This includes introducing new switching windows for our SMI Infrastructure and Property options.

Switching windows are periods in which SMI investors can switch in and out of the Property and Infrastructure investment options. There will be four switching windows available – one each quarter. The switching windows for the Infrastructure and Property investment options will commence on the second Monday of the second month of each calendar quarter.

The switching windows for the 2024 financial year are shown below:

 February 2024May 2024August 2024November 2024
Switching window opens12:01am1
12 February 2024
13 May 2024
12 August 2024
11 November 2024
Switching window closes2:00pm1
23 February 2024
24 May 2024
23 August 2024
22 November 2024


No – they will only apply to the Property and Infrastructure options. You can continue to switch between your other SMI investment options at any time. 

No. Investments into the Property and/or Infrastructure options aren’t affected. This means you can continue to contribute into these options (either through BPAY or Electronic Funds Transfer) at any time. The switching windows only apply when you want to switch into or out of these investment options within SMI.

Yes. The switching windows don’t apply if you want to make a withdrawal from your investments. Withdrawing from an investment option is different to switching between options. You’ll still be free to make a partial or full withdrawal from either the Property and/or Infrastructure options. These withdrawals can be made at any time.