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Salarylink is a defined benefit superannuation account designed to help give you some certainty around your retirement income. When Statewide Super merged with Hostplus in 2022, all Statewide Super Salarylink members transitioned to Hostplus Salarylink. This account type is not open to new members. 


Two types

of super

As a Salarylink member you have two types of super: Salarylink (your defined benefit), and your Hostplus accumulation balance. 

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Salarylink defined benefit account

Salarylink is a defined benefit super account. This means that the benefit you get paid when you retire is generally calculated (defined) by a formula. This can help provide some certainty about your retirement income. If you’re still working, you can contribute to Salarylink until you reach the age of 65, at which point we calculate your Salarylink benefit and transfer it to your Hostplus accumulation balance. 

Your Salarylink benefit is financed from both your personal and employer contributions. All Salarylink contributions are pooled together, invested in the Salarylink investments, and used to pay members’ Salarylink benefits. This means you can’t choose an investment option for your Salarylink contributions. 

If you're making contributions to Salarylink, the minimum is 1% and the maximum is 10% of your super salary via payroll. For details about your employer’s contributions, see the Salarylink and Employer Superannuation Guarantee (SG) Contributions Fact Sheet.

For more details about Salarylink, see the Statewide Super Legacy Product Guide. To view your current Salarylink benefit estimate and other information, log in to your Member Online account.


Hostplus accumulation account

In an accumulation account – also known as defined contribution – your money grows over time. The benefit you get paid when you retire is based on the contributions you and your employer pay into your super, and on any returns generated by your investment (minus any fees and costs).  

Unlike Salarylink, you get to select how your accumulation balance is invested. It means you can choose the right investment option for your needs – like our award-winning default Balanced (MySuper) option, or a specific asset class, like our Cash option. 

For more information on how your accumulation balance works, see the Hostplus Product Disclosure Statement (PDS). Awards and ratings are only one factor to be taken into account when choosing a super fund.

Access your account details

You’ll see the balance of both accounts when you log in to Member Online. You can contribute to either of these or to both.

To view your combined Salarylink and Hostplus accumulation benefit entitlements, click on ‘View my total benefit estimate including Salarylink amounts’ and then select ‘Benefit estimate’ from the drop-down menu.  

Head to Member Online to choose the investment option that’s right for you.  

Protecting yourself against the unexpected 

The right insurance means you’re not alone when you need help the most. It’s why the following insurance cover is included as part of Salarylink (if you’re making personal contributions): 

  • Death and Total & Permanent Disability (TPD)
  • Terminal Illness
  • Income Protection. 

Looking to tailor your cover further? Eligible members can access additional cover through Hostplus insurance.

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Changes to your employment situation 

Salarylink is designed to help give you some security in your retirement. Sometimes, though, things don’t go to plan. In the following situations, your Salarylink calculation might be affected: 

  • you go on leave without pay
  • your salary is reduced
  • you change your working hours 
  • you change employers.  

Your Salarylink membership will cease in any of the following circumstances:  

  • you cease employment
  • you reach the age of 65 
  • you move to casual employment.  

If your Salarylink membership ceases, your benefits will be transferred to your accumulation balance, or to a deferred account (if applicable). 

Moving to another Salarylink employer?

You might be able to continue your Salarylink membership if you move to another Salarylink-participating employer within four weeks of leaving your previous employer. Importantly, you must apply within two months of leaving your previous employer.

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Learn more about Salarylink 

You can find important information in the ‘Salarylink Member Guide’ section of the Statewide Super Legacy Product Guide. It includes details on benefit calculations, fees, insurance, and what happens if your employment situation changes – plus more.