Hostplus and 
Statewide Super 
have merged


On 29 April 2022, Hostplus and Statewide Super formalised our merger by completing a Successor Fund Transfer.

Statewide Super members and their contributing employers now join nearly 1.5 million members and 282,000 contributing employers as part of Hostplus. We believe the merger will create an opportunity for greater scale and cost efficiencies, which both funds believe will result in enhanced member choices, services, and outcomes.

Members are expected to benefit from more competitive administration fees and efficiencies in operating costs over time.



As part of the merger, Statewide Super members have had their account balances transferred to Hostplus and all members should now be in receipt of their Statewide Super Exit Statements.

From 3 JuneMembers will start receiving welcome letters from Hostplus.


Below are some additional resources to help guide you, including the Significant Event Notices (SENs) issued to all Statewide Super Members in March 2022.

You’ll receive your new Hostplus member number within your Hostplus Welcome Pack in early June 2022. This will come with instructions on how to register for Hostplus Member Online - your new, personal, and secure member portal where you can view your account information.

If you need to access your account before your pack arrives, from 24 May 2022 you can speak with our service team via our Live Chat function and they can provide you with your new Hostplus member number. You can then commence the quick online registration process.

Your Statewide Super superannuation balance and investment options remain invested in the markets from the opening of business on 2 May 2022. They will continue to be invested throughout the transition to Hostplus, including throughout the limited-service period.

You’ll need to set up new direct debit arrangements

If you make your contributions directly to Statewide Super from your bank account, these arrangements won’t be carried over to your Hostplus account.

​BPAY and EFT contributions will be unavailable from 5pm Australian Central Standard Time (ACST) on 22 April 2022, and you should advise your bank to cancel any arrangements.​ If you wish to continue a Direct Debit arrangement, you can complete a Hostplus Direct Debit authority form. ​

Your new unique Hostplus BPAY reference will be available via Hostplus Member Online from 24 May 2022

​Pension payment dates will change

Statewide Super made pension payments on a weekly, fortnightly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly basis. Your payment date and payment amounts made by Hostplus may differ from Statewide Super. The best place to find information on any changes to your pension, will be to read the 'What happens to my pension payments?'
section of the Retirement Pension, Transition to Retirement Pension and Term Allocated Pension Significant Event Notice (SEN). The SEN will outline expected payment dates with Hostplus based on your payment frequency with Statewide Super.

After the transfer of your account to Hostplus, your pension payments will continue to be paid into your nominated bank account. You’ll be able to change your pension payment amount, including the payment frequency from 24 May 2022 (subject to the government's prescribed minimum and, where applicable, maximum payment limits).

The Statewide Super Legacy Product Guide is for members transferred to Hostplus as part of the Statewide Super and Hostplus Successor Fund Transfer (SFT).

It contains information on the following legacy products:

  • Insurance Guide – Transferred Statewide Super Members
  • Salarylink Member Guide
  • Lifetime Pension Member Guide
  • Term Pension Member Guide
  • Term Allocated Pension Member Guide.

If you were unable to tune into our recent merger webinars, we’ve created two helpful videos for superannuation and pension members that you can watch at any time.


Merger webinar for accumulation members
Merger webinar for pension members (excluding Term and Lifetime pension)
Has my Statewide Super member number changed?

Yes,  your member number will change. You’ll receive these details in your welcome pack from Hostplus in early June 2022.

Can I access my account online?

Access to the Hostplus Member Online portal will be available from 24 May 2022. To register for Member Online, you’ll need your member number, which you’ll receive with your welcome letter in early June 2022. Your welcome pack will also include instructions on how to register for Member Online.  

If you wish to register for Member Online before receiving your welcome letter, you’ll need to contact us on 1300 467 875 Monday to Friday, 8am-8pm AEST (after 24 May 2022) or via click to chat. Our service team will be happy to let you know your new Hostplus member number. You can then commence the quick online registration process.  

Your Statewide Super account balance will have been transferred into your existing Hostplus account and will be invested in the Hostplus investment option(s) that most closely matched your Statewide Super investment option(s). Please refer to the relevant SEN in the Significant Event Notices (SENs), resources and guides section above for further information.

If you have insurance on both your Statewide Super and Hostplus accounts, further information about your insurance arrangements is available on pages 20-21 of the Superannuation and Defined Benefit Products SEN.  

Your account balance(s) has been transferred to the Hostplus investment option(s) that most closely matched your Statewide Super investment option(s) in terms of investment strategy, objective and risk. Refer to the relevant SEN in the Member resources and guides section above for details of Statewide Super investment options paired with the nearest Hostplus equivalent option.

The majority of Statewide Super’s members had some money invested in their default option called MySuper. If you were invested in this option on 29 April 2022, you will have been automatically transferred into the equivalent Hostplus option called Balanced.

 ​If you were invested in other options, you will have been transferred to the Hostplus options that most closely match your Statewide Super investments. If you had more than one investment option, your account balance will have been transferred in the same proportions.

​If you’ve previously provided instructions about how your future contributions are to be allocated, these instructions have continued in your new equivalent Hostplus investment options. 

Because you’re now a Hostplus member, you’re free to choose from any combination of our wide range of investment options. 

In general, Statewide Super members who had their accounts transferred to Hostplus have kept the equivalent level of Income Protection and Death and Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD) cover that they had with Statewide Super, including the current terms and conditions. 

Please refer to the relevant SEN in the Significant Event Notices (SENs), resources and guides section above, for detailed information about your insurance, including the arrangements for those who already had an existing Hostplus account or weren’t eligible to receive insurance with Statewide Super. 

After 24 May 2022, you can view, change or cancel your insurance with Hostplus by logging in to Member Online. 

Binding death benefit nomination

Any binding death benefit nominations you had with Statewide Super have been transferred to your Hostplus account. This binding death benefit nomination will remain in place until the expiry of the current three-year period applicable to your nomination. 

Preferred (non-binding) beneficiary nomination

Any preferred (non-binding) beneficiary nominations you had with Statewide Super have been transferred to your Hostplus account as preferred (non-binding) beneficiary nominations. 

Different circumstances apply to those who had both a Statewide Super and a Hostplus account – please refer to page 9 of the Superannuation and Defined Benefit Products SEN for further details. 

Any reversionary beneficiary attached to your Statewide Super account has been brought across to Hostplus as reversionary. 

The Adelaide based Super Hub and Darwin Office will temporarily close from Monday, 2 May 2022
During this time our member facing team will undertake training to ensure they are fully equipped and ready to answer any queries you may have when the doors reopen at 8:30am on Monday 16 May 2022 as Hostplus. 

If you were a Salarylink member or you had a deferred account, your defined benefit arrangements and your Statewide Super accumulation account have been replicated at Hostplus. 

Your Statewide Super accumulation account has been transferred into an account balance within your new Hostplus Salarylink or Deferred membership. This means you’ll have one membership record for all your Salarylink/Deferred and accumulation benefits, instead of two. In all other respects, your accumulation account balance has been transferred to Hostplus, as described in the Superannuation and Defined Benefits SEN.  

For any Statewide Super members who have an active claim in place, for example an insurance claim, and wish to speak with someone directly, members can email the Hostplus Claims Team on or phone us on 1300 467 875

For contributing


As part of the merger, your employer arrangements with Statewide Super have been transferred to Hostplus. 

We've put together some additional resources below to help guide you.

Have you had a payment rejected?

It’s important to note that the Statewide Super USI is no longer accepting contributions, and any payments made to this USI may be rejected. Please update your records to reflect the Hostplus USI: HOS0100AU if you haven’t already done so.  

If you were unable to attend a Statewide Super employer webinar before the merger, you can access our on-demand presentation. It will help you get up to speed on what the merger means for you and your employees.  

Employer merger presentation

If you were making contributions via Statewide QuickSuper, you’ll receive login details for your new Hostplus QuickSuper account and instructions on any steps you may need to take within Hostplus QuickSuper from 9 May 2022
You’ll need to update superannuation fund information for all staff currently making contributions to Statewide Super across your payroll and contribution systems to reflect their new status as Hostplus members. This includes employers already using the Hostplus QuickSuper clearing house.

You’ll need to make your Statewide Super contributions to Hostplus using the Hostplus USI and ABN details: Hostplus USI: HOS0100AU / Hostplus ABN: 68 657 495 890

Please note: A Hostplus membership number is not required for employer contribution submissions to Hostplus.

Where we’ve identified that an employer had both a Statewide Super and a Hostplus account, we’ve done our best to merge those accounts. Where this wasn’t possible, both accounts have been kept active. If you’d like help managing or removing multiple accounts, please contact us.  

Yes. You can no longer use your Statewide Super employer number. You will receive a new Hostplus employer number in your welcome letter from Hostplus. 

If you already had a Hostplus employer account, contributions previously made under your Statewide Super employer number can be made using your existing Hostplus employer number.

Yes. Your employees will have new member numbers which they’ll receive in their welcome pack from Hostplus in early June 2022. However a Hostplus membership number is not required for employer contribution submissions to Hostplus, so employers do not have to wait for this information to make contributions. 

Your Salarylink employees’ defined benefit arrangements have been replicated at Hostplus. Employers can make contributions to Hostplus on the same terms as they were making contributions to Statewide Super. There’s no change to the required employer contribution rates or any member benefit arrangements. 

As you were already an existing Hostplus employer before the merger, you’ve kept your current Hostplus employer number as well as your current QuickSuper login details. 

You’ll need to update superannuation fund information for all employees that received contributions into Statewide Super to reflect their new status as Hostplus members (if you haven’t already done so).

The USI for Statewide Super was disabled on 26 April 2022, which means that any payments made to this USI from this date may be rejected and returned. You’ll need to update the USI for your Statewide Super members to USI: HOS0100AU. You can then begin making contributions from 9 May 2022.

For data stored in Excel CSV files, it may be helpful to use the “Find and Replace” function to update all instances of the Statewide Super USI: SSP0001AU with the Hostplus USI: HOS0100 AU

We ask that you don’t make any contributions until after 9 May 2022 when it’s expected that member data will have been transferred from Statewide Super to Hostplus. 

You’ll need an Excel CSV file format that matches the requirements of the QuickSuper CSV V2 file format or the SuperStream Alternative File Format (SAFF).

MYOB employers can extract the required data from MYOB reports and input it manually into the QuickSuper CSV V2 file format or the SuperStream Alternative File Format (SAFF) templates. Guides and templates for these files can be supplied by contacting us.

More Information

If you would like to know more information about your Hostplus account, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact us on 1300 467 875 Monday to Friday, 7:30am-7:30pm ACST or via our online contact form.

For NT Government staff, a dedicated contact centre is available on 08 7915 4800. NT Government employees can speak to this team Monday to Friday, 7:30am-7:30pm ACST.