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Hostplus’ 'Notice of intent to claim a tax deduction’ (NOITC) form is now available digitally through Member Online.


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If you’ve already got insurance cover with another super fund or insurance provider, you may be able to transfer it to Hostplus. 

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Why transfer your cover?

Whether you’ve got one insurance policy or multiple policies, transferring your existing Death and Total & Permanent Disability (TPD) or Income Protection insurance cover to Hostplus can help you streamline your insurance and cut back on life admin – and that’s a positive for almost everyone. 

Holding multiple insurance arrangements may mean that you have too much insurance, or are paying for insurance you can’t claim on. This may impact your ability to save money for retirement. You should review your insurance needs to determine what level of insurance cover is appropriate for you.

If you do have insurance cover elsewhere, you may be able to transfer that cover to Hostplus. You can then enjoy the ease of managing your super and insurance all in one spot. 

Is Hostplus insurance right for you?

Hostplus insurance is designed for a specific target market, so it’s important to consider whether it’s right for you. If you transfer your insurance cover to Hostplus, you’ll need to have sufficient funds in your Hostplus account to cover any outstanding insurance premiums.
Any loadings, restrictions and exclusions that are on your existing policy will apply to your transferred cover. You should also check for any differences in policy terms or conditions before you transfer.


Your insurance and super all in one spot? THAT’S A PLUS

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What do you need to know?

You can transfer cover provided that:

  • your transferred cover is of a similar nature to the cover provided under Hostplus
  • your transferred cover is still in force
  • you cancel your transferred cover with the previous insurer once the transfer to Hostplus has occurred. If you do not cancel your previous cover, any benefit payable to you in the event of a claim will be reduced by the amount payable under the previous cover.

Any loadings, restrictions, and exclusions which apply on your transferred cover will also apply to your cover transferred to Hostplus.

We recommend that you do not cancel any existing cover or close your other super fund account until your application to transfer cover is accepted.

How much cover

can i transfer?

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Death and TPD cover

Eligible members can transfer up to $1.5 million of existing Death Only or Death and TPD cover to Hostplus.

Income Protection cover

The total amount of cover you can transfer (from all sources or policies) is the lesser of:

  • 90% of your pre-disability salary (of which a maximum of 75% is paid to you and the balance is paid into your Hostplus super account), or
  • the maximum cover of $10,000 per month.

Transfer your cover

To transfer your insurance cover to Hostplus, simply take the following steps:

  1. Log in to your other super fund and download your most recent statement.
  2. Log in to Hostplus Member Online.
  3. Click ‘Change my insurance’ on the home page.
  4. Click ‘Customise my insurance’.
  5. Navigate to the ‘Manage my insurance’ heading and click ‘Transfer your cover’.
  6. Complete the necessary information and submit - here’s when you’ll upload the statement from your other super fund.
  7. Once you’ve been notified in writing that your transfer request has been accepted, cancel your insurance with your other fund or insurer.

We will generally respond to applications to transfer cover within 24 hours.