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Updated 17 Jun 2024
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Finding the right balance in retirement is important. You may be looking to grow your funds through investment returns, but be uncertain about taking on too much risk. At the same time, you may want access to your money when it suits you.

Based on Hostplus’ research1, retirees are generally looking for four elements to meet their core retirement needs:  

  • independence 
  • certainty 
  • self-reliance 
  • flexibility.  

But for many, juggling these different retirement needs can be a challenge.

Too much risk – or too little?

If you prioritise reliability and predictability – by investing all your savings into a cash option, for example – you’ll generally know how much money you have readily accessible for spending.   

On the other hand, you may not benefit from the potential growth that can come from investing in growth assets, like shares. There’s a risk that your savings may not keep pace with inflation and other cost-of-living increases, and that your long-term regular income may run out. 

But investing in assets that are expected to yield a higher return over time comes with a higher chance of negative returns.  

An innovative approach

That’s why we developed CPIplus, an investment option for Hostplus Pension members. The option aims to offer returns that are more certain and less volatile. At the same time, it is designed to offer higher returns than those historically derived by investing in conservative assets, such as cash.  

How does CPIplus work?

The CPIplus pension investment product sets a return each year in advance at a certain percentage above inflation, as measured by the Consumer Price Index (CPI). 2  

What’s more, CPIplus has an extra safeguard built into it. Not only does the option aim to deliver a consistent annual return above inflation, but it’s also designed to set the lower limit for returns at zero per cent. In other words, CPIplus returns can’t be negative, even if inflation is.   

This is designed to provide more consistency and less exposure to investment market volatility in any given year.  

Current CPIplus rates can be found in the CPI Rates document

More control

With CPIplus, you’ve got more control. You can readily access your money if you need it at short notice. This is unlike other traditional retirement products, such as lifetime annuities and fixed term deposits, which restrict your withdrawals.   

And, importantly, CPIplus isn’t designed to lock you into a single investment strategy. You can invest some or all of your pension into CPIplus, and you can switch in and out of the option at any time. 

It’s easy to apply

If you’re new to Hostplus, you’ll need to open a Hostplus Pension account. Subject to certain age and minimum investment3 requirements, a Hostplus Pension account can turn your super into a regular tax-free income and allow you to manage your retirement your way. You can make withdrawals when you need to, and subject to minimum pension payment requirements, control how much and how often you want to be paid. You can also choose the investment options – including CPIplus – that suit you.

Already a Hostplus member?

If you’ve already got a Hostplus Pension account, simply log in to Member Online and switch some – or all – of your balance into CPIplus. 

Please note that CPIplus is not available to members with a Hostplus Transition to Retirement account. And while there are no additional fees to invest in CPIplus, returns will be reported net of investment fees and costs.4

We’re here to help

If you think CPIplus might be suitable for you, or if you’d like to know how it could help you achieve your retirement goals, we offer a range of financial advice options. You can choose the convenience of a phone appointment or have a more personal face-to-face consultation. Advice can be provided on: 

  • planning your retirement and how CPIplus may fit into your plan and goals 
  • maximising your retirement income and potential government benefits, and 
  • developing an estate plan to ensure your money goes where you intend it to after you pass away. 

Call us on 1300 348 546, Monday to Friday, 8am – 8pm (AEST/AEDT), or use our online enquiry form

1. Source: Member research commissioned by Hostplus and conducted by Forethought on 'Understanding the Retirement Journey', Dec 2020

2. Though returns above inflation are predetermined annually, Hostplus may adjust the rate of return with at least 30 days’ notice. For more information, please read the Hostplus Pension PDS available at

3. To open a Hostplus Pension account, a minimum of $10,000 must be invested and at least 1% of your balance must be invested in any selected investment option (including CPIplus).

4. Administration and other fees and costs apply. Refer to the Hostplus Pension PDS at for further information. 

Hostplus has engaged Industry Fund Services Limited (IFS) ABN 54 007 016 195, AFSL 232514 to facilitate the provision of personal financial advice to members of Hostplus.  Advice is provided by financial planners who are Authorised Representatives of IFS. Fees may apply for personal financial advice. For further information about the cost of personal advice, you can speak with your financial planner or visit our website Information to help you decide whether you want to use the personal financial advice services being offered is set out in the relevant IFS Financial Services Guide, a copy of which is available from your financial planner. 

This information is general advice only and does not take into account your personal objectives, financial situation or needs. You should consider if this information is appropriate for you in light of your circumstances before acting on it. Please read the relevant Hostplus Pension Product Disclosure Statement (PDS), available at before making a decision about Hostplus. For a description of the target market, please read the Target Market Determination (TMD), available at

Further information about CPIplus can be found on our website. Please refer to the CPIplus rates document for current CPI rates and the value of ‘n’ for the current return period. Though returns above inflation are predetermined annually, Hostplus may adjust the rate of return with at least 30 days’ notice. Issued by Host-Plus Pty Limited ABN 79 008 634 704, AFSL 244392 as trustee for the Hostplus Superannuation Fund (the Fund) ABN 68 657 495 890, MySuper No 68 657 495 890 198.