Hostplus’ solid returns contribute to its strong long-term position 

Published 18 July 2023

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Updated 18 Jul 2023
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Hostplus remains one of the nation’s leading long-term super performers, with its MySuper Balanced option achieving an 8.00% return in FY22/23.

As one of the few funds to deliver a positive return in 2022 for its My Super option, the fund remains an industry leader over the long-term. 

Hostplus’ My Super Balanced option has returned 10.00% per annum over three years, 8.55% per annum over seven years, 8.93% a year over 10 years, and 8.19% over 20 years to 30 June 2023.

Hostplus CEO, David Elia, said the positive result came despite a backdrop of continued global challenges.

“Super is a long-term game, and our 1.7 million members are working hard towards achieving their retirement dreams. With a 20-year return for our My Super Balanced option of 8.19% per annum, we have delivered our members competitive returns over the long term."

Mr Elia also emphasised the diversity and choice offered by the fund, which in addition to being SuperRating’s 2023 SuperFund of the Year, surpassed $100 billion1 in funds under management (FUM) during the year.

“We are all about choice, and this is where Hostplus’ enviable product range comes into play for those members who want to make different investment choices, be it for risk, lower fees or values-based investments - our strategy and offerings provide members with flexibility to invest as they see fit.”

“Our continued growth and the resulting cashflows enable us to explore new opportunities and reinvest with the long-term aim to maximise returns for our members.

Hostplus Chief Investment Officer, Sam Sicilia, said “The FY23 performances across the industry relate, in their entirety, to the proportion of equities in a portfolio. But we never invest for one year – we consider the prevailing conditions, and then we invest patiently for the long-term. That is evident in our track record.” 

The performance of equities this year also accounts for the outstanding results for more than 100,000 Hostplus members invested in the fund’s flagship Indexed Balanced option, which returned an impressive 12.34% for the year ending June 30, and the Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) option, which returned 7.85% for the same period.

Mr Sicilia continues “Hostplus’ strong returns included low valuations for the fund’s Private Equity and Tech, despite strong returns in both the domestic and global listed markets for tech stocks.”

Domestically the S&P/ASX-300 listed equities Index was 14.90% and the S&P/ASX-300 Technology Index 32.00%. Globally the MSCI World ex-Australia Index (unhedged) returned 22.6% over FY23 whilst the NASDAQ rose by 30.3% over the same period.

"While commercial office space experienced a downturn, other non-office property sub-sectors, such as industrial property, hospitality property and medical offices, have been growth sectors and are experiencing strong rental growth. Our exposure to these non-office property assets, representing over 70% of our total property portfolio, has minimised the impact of falls in office valuations on our property portfolio returns.” says Mr Sicilia. 

Hostplus members in retirement also enjoyed solid returns, with the default Balanced Pension option returning a one-year result of 8.95%.

Reflecting its strong, long-term performance, Hostplus was one of the first super funds to receive SuperRatings’ 20-year platinum performance rating, the highest rating possible. 

Accumulation Members returns as at 30 June 2023

Option 1 year3 years5 years7 years10 years15 years20 years
My Super Balanced8.00%10.00%6.88%8.55%8.93%7.25%8.19%
Indexed Balanced12.34%8.00%6.49%7.46%7.92%--
Socially Responsible 7.85%10.38%7.33%----

Pension Members returns as at 30 June 2023

Option1 year3 years5 years7 years10 years15 years20 years
My Super Balanced8.95%11.78%7.97%9.75%9.96%--
Indexed Balanced13.84%8.88%7.21%8.41%8.81%--
Socially Responsible 8.88%11.86%8.27%----

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About Hostplus

Hostplus is one of the largest industry super funds in Australia with 1.7 million members, more than 300,000 contributing employers and more than $100 billion in funds under management. Hostplus continues to evolve and grow as the lifetime fund of choice for Australians and employers from a broad range of backgrounds and industries.

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1. Including Hostplus Pooled Superannuation Trust.

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