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Insurance tools and resources.

Looking for a quick reference page filled with handy tools and helpful resources to guide your insurance choices? You've found it.

We all have different insurance needs yet many of us have the same questions when it comes to insurance products, policy types and eligibility. At Hostplus we've pooled our members most common questions and gathered some great tools together to help you find the information you're looking for.

Get the answers

Read the FAQs and download our PDS to learn more about Hostplus products and services. 

Calculate your insurance needs

To make things easier we’ve provided an online insurance calculator, at no additional cost to you. Taking into account things like your lifestyle, your age, your financial situation and your health, the insurance calculator will help you decide on the right insurance.

Try our online insurance calculator

With our insurance premium calculator, you can see what you'll pay when you increase or decrease your cover.

Try our online insurance premium calculator

The below premium calculator is for members transferred to Hostplus as part of the Intrust Super and Hostplus Successor Fund Transfer that held Death only or Death and Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) insurance cover immediately prior to the time of transfer. Please use this calculator to assess your premium rate for the insurance cover you currently hold, or see the cost difference of any increase or decrease in cover.

Insurance Premium calculator for former Intrust Super members

Manage your insurance online

Make changes to your insurance quickly and easily

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