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How to make a claim.

Need to make a new claim? Call us on 1300 467 875 and our team will put you in touch with a dedicated claims expert to help you through the entire process.

Already have a claim in progress?  Call your dedicated claims expert directly.  You will find their number on the correspondence sent to you via email or post.  It’s the quickest way to get in contact to ask about the status of your claim. 

You’re not alone

Hostplus offers a dedicated claims team to assist our members and their families from start to finish. With a simplified administration process and a commitment to efficient case management, we'll guide you through every step. You are not alone.

We work with you from the start

From your first call, our team will work with you every step of the way.

Your claim is our priority

Our team of experts will guide you through your claim. Their goal is to get the best outcome for you.

Claims Philosophy

The Fund’s Claims Team are passionate about being there for members and beneficiaries at a difficult time, when they need the Fund the most. Our role is to guide and support the member or beneficiary through the entire claim journey with compassion and respect.

At the Fund we know that when a claim is made it is at a difficult time. The Fund promises to be there for its members and families, to guide and support them through the entire claim journey.

Our Approach

Our aim is to provide our members and their beneficiaries as follows:

  1. an in-house claims team with dedicated Claims Relationship officers who will proactively and compassionately manage the relationship (and any other interested parties) and keep claimants informed at every step of the way;
  2. assistance in identifying any cover held within the Fund which may be eligible to claim on;
  3. a single point of contact at the start of the claim to assist throughout the claim journey and to explain the process in simple, clear language;
  4. accurate and detailed information upfront to assist in managing  a claim completely and efficiently;
  5. listen and be there to support through the process at a difficult time and in no way discourage the lodgement of a claim;
  6. be honest and transparent and deliver on our promises;
  7. be accountable and resolve any issues promptly;
  8. treat the claimant with respect at all times;
  9. acknowledge and consider the claimant’s individual circumstances;
  10. work together to make the claim experience as simple, easy and positive as possible; and
  11. to do everything that is reasonable to pursue an insurance claim for the benefit of a member or beneficiary, if the Trustee considers that the claim has a reasonable prospect of success.

Our Commitments

Recognising this is a difficult time, the Fund seeks to ensure all genuine claims are paid quickly with compassion and empathy. We will ensure that the Insurer treats the claimant fairly and assesses the claim promptly. Any adverse decision by the Insurer will be reviewed by the Fund’s Claims Review Committee (CRC) and where they believe the Insurer has acted unreasonably or unfairly in a claim decision, they will take whatever action is necessary to resolve the outstanding claim.

Interpreter services

For claimants with a non-English speaking background who need assistance in making a claim, we can work with an interpreter from Translating and Interpreting Services (TIS) to help you make the process easier to understand.

To ask for an interpreter, call us on 1300 467 875 between 8.30 am-4.30 pm Monday to Friday EST.

Use of TIS for insurance claims is free for all claimants, and our claims team can guide you through this process.

To find out more about Translating and Interpreting Services, visit

How a financial planner can help after your claim is paid

Getting the right advice once your claim is settled may be beneficial. You need to know what the best options are for you in the short and long term. Our financial planners have experience assisting members at all stages of their lives. Regardless of your circumstances, getting the right advice is key. 

Contact a financial planner today

When you need us, call Hostplus on 1300 467 875 to commence a claim

We understand that making an insurance claim can be a difficult task. That's why we're here to support you and your loved ones throughout the process.

  • New Claims - 1300 467 875
  • Existing Claims - please contact your dedicated claims expert who is familiar with your claim. Check your correspondence for their direct phone number.

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