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Change cover to suit your needs.

Depending on your age and eligibility, you’ll likely have a basic level of Death and Total & Permanent Disability (TPD) insurance included in your super.

If your insurance cover isn’t quite what you need, it’s easy to change.

You can apply:

  • for new cover
  • to increase, decrease or cancel your existing cover through Member Online. 

Change your cover

What you can change 

  • Cancel or decrease your existing cover. 
  • Apply to increase your existing cover (including following a Life Event). 
  • Apply for new Death, TPD and/or Income Protection cover. 
  • Choose between unitised and fixed cover (if you’re aged 60 or under). 
  • Transfer your existing insurance into Hostplus. 
  • Apply to update your occupational rating. 


  • You may need to provide health information when applying for new cover or to increase existing cover. 
  • To change your waiting or benefit period, you’ll need to complete a new insurance application.  
  • You can cancel your insurance: 

See more about your insurance options

How much cover you can apply for 

You can apply for: 

  • unlimited Death cover (includes terminal illness cover) 
  • up to $5 million in TPD cover 
  • up to 90% of your salary in Income Protection cover, capped at a maximum of $30,000 per month. 

If you have Death and TPD cover, the amount of TPD cover cannot exceed your Death cover. 

You may need to provide health information when applying for new cover or to increase existing cover. 

Increase your cover following a life event 

You may be able to increase your Death and TPD cover whenever you take a big step forward in life – like buying a new home or starting a family – without the need to complete lengthy paperwork or supply medical information. 

More information about life events increases

Reviewing your occupational rating 

You may be able to pay a lower premium based on your occupation and associated occupational rating set by the insurer. For example, if you mostly work in an office, you may meet the professional or white collar occupational rating definitions and receive reduced premiums. 

Log in to member online to review your occupational rating. 

Excluded occupations 

Some occupations aren’t covered for Death and TPD insurance cover and Income Protection cover.  

See if this applies to you:

Transfer your existing insurance cover into Hostplus 

You may be able to transfer existing insurance cover from other super funds or insurance providers to Hostplus. 

How to transfer your cover