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Transfer your insurance.

If you have existing insurance cover with another super fund it's quick and easy to transfer to Hostplus.

All your insurance needs in one fund

Enjoy the cover Hostplus can offer and the ease of managing your insurance needs with one phone call or login. Whether you have one or many policies, we can help streamline your insurance needs.

Consider if Hostplus insurance is right for you

Hostplus insurance products are designed for a particular target market. Please read our Product Disclosure Statement and Target Market Determinations to understand if insurance through Hostplus is right for you.

Transferring your Death and Total & Permanent Disability Insurance (TPD) Cover

If you have insurance through another super fund or insurance provider you may be able to transfer it to Hostplus. 

Eligible members can transfer up to $1.5 million of Death Only or Death and TPD Cover to Hostplus. To keep everything simple and in one spot, once you’ve transferred your cover, you will also be required to transfer your super balance to Hostplus. 

Don’t forget to cancel the insurance held in your other fund once you  have been notified in writing of your acceptance by our insurer.

Any loadings, restrictions and exclusions that are on your existing policy will also apply to your transferred cover. You should also consider any differences in policy terms and conditions prior to transferring your cover. For more details, refer to our PDS.

Transferring your Income Protection insurance cover

Transferring existing Income Protection insurance to Hostplus is possible if the combined level of cover upon transfer is to the lesser of: 

  • The number of units to cover 90% of your pre-disability salary (of which a maximum of 75% is payable to you and the balance paid as a contribution to your super); or
  • The maximum cover of $10,000 per month. Any amount above $10,000 will be assessed by the insurer.

Enjoy the ease of managing your super and your insurance in one place.

Apply to transfer your Death and TPD or Income Protection insurance cover today

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