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Frequently asked questions.

Question 1 - I've been a member of Hostplus for a while. Do I have to register?

Yes you do. With the upgrade we've made to our system, we'll need you to reintroduce yourself. It's easy.

Question 2 - When I register, it says my details are incorrect.

To protect your security, Member Online requires you to be very specific. Recheck all your details, eg, include your middle name, your post code,  and if you now reside overseas try using 0000 in the post code field.

Question 3 - I can't get into my ChoicePlus account, but I'm sure my details are correct.

Make sure you allow pop-ups. You may need to change your browser settings. This will vary depending on the browser you use eg Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox.

Question 4 - I cannot see the transaction details on my online statement.

This is a known issue and we are working to resolve ASAP.

Question 5- I've tried everything. Help!

That's OK, you can contact us by phone, fax or email.


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