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We recently launched our new Hostplus Member and Pension Online platforms and updated Hostplus App. These include additional security features, functionality enhancements and an updated, easy-to-navigate design.

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To further safeguard the secruity and privacy of your Hostplus details, we’ve also introduced Multi Factor Authentication (MFA), which is one of the most effective ways to protect against unauthorised access to your valuable information and accounts.

What does this mean for you?

MFA requires that you enter some additional information when you login to Hostplus Member or Pension Online, or your account via the Hostplus App.

You will be asked to enter your member number and password as usual, however we will also ask you to set up your preferred MFA verification method. Simply follow the steps, and when completed, you’ll be able to generate a One Time Pin (OTP) to authenticate your MFA setup.

Your OTP can be sent to you via:

  • SMS – sent directly to your mobile or landline, or
  • voice call authentication. 

In the future, each time you return to Member Online or Pension Online, you’ll generate a new One Time Pin, which will be sent to you via your previously advised perferred method. You can change your OTP preference at any time after logging in to your account.

Functionality enhancements.

Along with this additional security feature, we’re also pleased to announce the latest enhancements to your online experience.

This includes: 

  • current and historical employment details
  • online work test for continued contributions (if required).

Design update.

At Hostplus, we listen to and value your feedback, to make your experience easier, clearer, and more informative. That's why we’ve updated our design to be more user friendly and intuitive.  


You can follow the prompts to nominate to receive an SMS or voice prompt. 

As we are committed to ensuring apppropriate security standards for all our members data and privacy, we do require you setup your OTP to use the Member/Pension Online dashboards and the App.

The new platform will be rolled out soon, please check back at a later date.

No, where you complete your MFA it will go across both platforms, however your OTP will be triggered for each when you do log in. 

It’s good that you use antivirus software and a personal firewall. Be sure that you keep both software programs up to date for the best possible protection against viruses, trojans, and hackers. This new security feature protects against other threats, such as a stolen username and password. It works with your other personal security programs, but it does not replace them. 

The service is a security feature provided to you free of charge. We will not charge you for the phone call or SMS. Some mobile phone network providers may charge a fee when you are overseas and using global roaming. 

Yes, the OTP will expire after three minutes. You will need to begin the process again to login. 

You can change your phone number from the App/ MOL or by calling our contact centre. In all cases, you'll be asked to reset your MFA, where you will again need to set up your MFA. 

If you have set up MFA previously using Member Online, Pension Online or App, you can easily reset your password from the App by clicking on 'Forgot your password' and following prompts to reset via SMS, voice call or email.

If you have not set up MFA previously, then you can follow either of the two processes below to access your account:

  • Delete the app and install it again. Click on the Register button and follow the prompts.
  • Go to Member Online or Pension Online, click Forgot password and follow the instructions.

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