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Published March 2022

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Updated 13 Sep 2023
  • Investment case studies

Some of Hostplus' investments help deliver potentially groundbreaking technology that could have a positive outcome on society.

Our investment in Nanopore Technologies is helping to revolutionise DNA and RNA sequencing. The UK company makes products that deliver real-time genetic analysis, including handheld devices that scientists can use anywhere – the lab, the field and even in space.

The products have almost endless applications and are making a big impact in healthcare, food safety and security and environmental management and conservation.

Cheap, quick problem-solving at the source

  • Human genomic testing can give insight into how a patient may respond to disease or treatment, allowing doctors to give personalised healthcare.
  • Communities can determine if water is safe to drink.
  • Farmers can identify diseases in their crops early and take action to prevent loss.
  • Public health teams can respond rapidly to infectious disease outbreaks.
  • Authorities on fishing boats can identify species and discover illegal catches.

Nanopore Technologies also played a role in combatting COVID-19. At March 2021, around a quarter of the COVID-19 sequences in the global genomic database of influenza virus platform, GISAID, were sequenced on a Nanopore device.

Nanopore Technologies is just one example of our investments in projects that aim to address global challenges in health, climate change and food security, while delivering future investment returns for our members.  

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