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Hostplus investment performance
July to September 2023

Published November 2023

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Sam Sicilia
Chief Investment Officer
3 min read
Updated 21 Nov 2023
  • Know your investments

Share markets fell slightly over the quarter due to fresh fears about increasing interest rates and inflation. But our investment strategy is prepared for volatile markets.

Our long-term investment strategy is designed to be highly diversified, knowing there will always be fluctuations. If one area of the market falls, this diversification acts as a buffer.

The good news is our Balanced (MySuper) option, where most members invest, generated a small positive return for the quarter1, which was pleasing given the negative market backdrop. In fact, it's ranked the number one option over rolling 10 and 20-year periods.1

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Watch as Sam Sicilia, Chief Investment Officer, provides an update on our investment performance. 

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1. Source: SuperRatings Accumulation Fund Crediting Rate Survey – SR50 Balanced (60–76) Index, September 2023. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance and should never be the sole factor considered when selecting a superannuation fund.