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End of year performance
December 2023

February 2024

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Con Michalakis
Deputy Chief Investment Officer
5 min read
Updated 17 Jun 2024
  • Retirement

Share markets were fairly volatile throughout 2023, before rallying strongly in November and December on news of lower inflation, posting healthy gains for the year.

Our Balanced option, where most pension members invest1, returned 9.41% over the year.2 This was driven by both rising share markets and solid contributions from unlisted assets.   

Our Indexed Balanced option returned 14.75% and was one of the top-ranked balanced option for the year, according to SuperRatings.2 

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Watch Con Michalakis, Deputy Chief Investment Officer, provide an update on our investment performance.

A proven investment strategy

Our strategy at Hostplus is to take a long-term view. We invest your money in many different types of assets, both in Australia and across the world. These include shares, as well as property, infrastructure and private equity, to name a few.  

We believe this level of diversification is the best way to seek to generate strong long-term returns for you, our members.  

In fact, Hostplus Balanced option is the number one ranked balanced option in Australia over three years and is one of the top-performing options over five, seven and ten years, according to SuperRatings.2

Hostplus Pre-mixed & Balanced - Investment options December 2023 (Pension)

These great results over the long term show that our investment strategy is working hard for our pension members.

Get help when you need it

If you’d like help understanding how your pension is performing, contact us today. 

We offer a range of financial advice options to suit your needs:    

  • easy-to-use self-service online advice through SuperAdviser    
  • phone-based superannuation advice    
  • specialist face-to-face advice and planning.   

A range of options to suit your needs? That’s a plus.  

1. As at 31 December 2023.

2. Source: SuperRatings Pension Fund Crediting Rate Survey – SRP50 Balanced (60–76) Index, Dec 2023.