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Your money. Your super. Your Hostplus.

At Hostplus, we embody the energy and passion of the industries we serve. We’re for people who live and love hospitality, tourism, recreation and sports. At Hostplus, our focus is keeping your money working hard so you can stay financially fit long after you’ve retired. Join us and we’ll build your future together.

Is your super working as hard as you?

We think it should be because your super is the key to your future. Have you ever thought about what you want to do when you finish working? Travel? Buy a place in the country? Your super can help make your goals a reality. The more you can put into your super today, the more comfortable your retirement will be tomorrow. 

In general, whatever industry you’re in, your employer is required to pay 10%1  on top of your salary into your superannuation account. Your super fund puts your money to work so that it can grow into a solid foundation for your financial future. 

1 Superannuation Guarantee contribution percentage rates are scheduled to gradually increase to 12% from 1 July 2025.