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Hostplus 'Innovate' Reconciliation Action Plan.

Hostplus is proud to present our Innovate Reconciliation Plan highlighting the funds commitment to dignified retirements for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Hostplus Reconciliation Action Plan

Hostplus 'Innovate' Reconciliation Action Plan.

As a fund we are committed to ensuring all Australians have access to the tools and resources required to enjoy the retirement they deserve. We are also very aware of the current social and economic challenges faced by members of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities around the country. The Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan represents an important step on our journey to promote awareness of these challenges both internally and externally. Significantly, the document also serves as a road map of the actions the fund will take over the coming 18 months to help close the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians as we work to deliver a brighter future for our members.

Download the Hostplus Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan

Alternative identity verification for Indigenous persons

If you are a member of Indigenous Australian and/or Torres Strait Islander heritage and are unable to meet the current Hostplus Identification requirements, you may provide alternative supporting documentation to verify your identity to Hostplus:

Submit an Indigenous persons identity referral form

Photographic reference

Some service providers in remote communities may be able to incorporate a photograph of the person into a statement as to the identity of the person, using the letterhead stationery of the organisation. i.e. Northern Territory: Larrakia Nation community card, Junkuri Laka Mornington Island ID Card, Tangentyere ID Card.

First Nations Foundation Partnership

We've partnered with First Nations Foundation (FNF), a successful Indigenous financial wellbeing foundation led by an Indigenous majority board since 2006.

As part of our Reconciliation Action Plan, we are supporting the FNF’s new online resource, Indigenous Super, a future-focused initiative which aims to improve retirement outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders by providing culturally relevant superannuation information and content.

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