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Hostplus Liquidity Update – 1 July 2020

Hostplus’ highest duty is to always act in the best interests of all our members.

Like many major and well-diversified superannuation funds, the Fund invests in a wide range of assets; both listed assets, such as those in public markets (e.g. stock exchanges) and unlisted assets, such as property, infrastructure (e.g. airports, utilities and toll roads), and in private equity and venture capital (e.g. start-ups or developing private companies).

Hostplus is at all times responsible for the Fund’s investments, including establishing, reviewing and giving effect to an investment strategy for each investment option that has regard to the liquidity of the investments covered in the strategy and the expected future cash flow requirements.

The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on global investment markets is particularly our focus presently. In these challenging times, we believe in keeping our members informed about where they are invested, including by outlining the liquidity of the Fund’s investments in cash, bonds and shares.

The following table provides details of the asset allocation structure of the total Fund.

The data is based off the most-recently available valuations. It is also inclusive of known future commitments and receivables, and of all special early release of superannuation payment approvals received from the Australian Taxation Office up until Friday 26 June 2020.


Asset class

Hostplus fund weighting

Funds ($B)


10.2% 4.9

Bonds/Diversified Fixed Interest

4.5% 2.1

Australian Shares

22.4% 10.7

International Shares – Developed Markets

23.1% 11.0

International Shares – Emerging Markets

5.9% 2.8


11.1% 5.3


8.9% 4.3


1.5% 0.7


5.4% 2.6

Private Equity

7.0% 3.3


100.0% 47.6

Simply put

Hostplus is the industry fund for those that live and love Australian hospitality, tourism, recreation and sport - we’re proud to support the industries that make Australia great. Because we’re an industry fund, we put our members first, that’s why we keep our fees low, our insurance flexible and offer a competitive suite of investment options. Simply put, we’re dedicated to ensuring our members retire with more.

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