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Make Hostplus part of your team by becoming a registered Hostplus employer. Opening an employer account is a quick and easy process that’ll have you up and running – and ready to make your employees’ super payments – in minutes. 

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Enjoy the benefits of being a Hostplus employer.

Set up your account today.

If you have employees, paying super is part of your business obligations. But it doesn’t have to be an administrative burden.

By setting up an account with us, you can enjoy all the benefits of becoming a Hostplus employer – like partnering with an award-winning industry super fund, and the ability to make contributions to super funds on behalf of all your staff in one simple transaction. 

What’s more, we’ll provide you with information on the issues that matter, including your employer obligations and any changes to super rules.  

Setting up an employer account

It’s easy to set up an employer account online – it takes less than 10 minutes through our Employer Join and Pay tool. You can also use this tool to register to make payments through QuickSuper, our SuperStream-compliant clearing house, or to choose a different payment method. Once you’re done, you can make your first payments whenever you’re ready.  

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Don’t miss out on saving for your retirement

You don’t need to pay the Super Guarantee if you’re self-employed – but contributing to your super is still a smart choice. Not only will you potentially save on tax, you’ll also be investing in a positive financial future.  

Make Hostplus the fund of choice for your business.

Need some help?

Our dedicated team is here for you

We’re ready to support you and your employees every step of the way. We’ve got more than 30 years’ experience helping businesses like yours understand and implement their super obligations, so you can concentrate on business as usual.  

If you need additional help or want to know more about how Hostplus can support you and your staff, please contact our New Business team. From onboarding to completion, they’re experts at guiding you through the set-up process and can answer any questions you might have.

Next steps

You’re now a Hostplus employer – so what’s next? If you want to understand more about your obligations or make the most of Hostplus’ tools, these useful links might help. 

Your super obligations

To help employees save for retirement, the Australian government requires all employers to pay superannuation. Understand more about your super obligations and how Hostplus can help. 

Make Hostplus your default fund

Every employer needs to have a default super fund. It’s a big decision – but by choosing Hostplus, you can be confident you’re helping your employees create the financial future they deserve.  

Business tools

Register for QuickSuper

Hostplus’ superannuation clearing house, QuickSuper, allows you to make all your employees’ super payments in a single transaction. A tool that simplifies your super obligations and saves you time?