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Published 5 April 2023

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Updated 26 Apr 2023
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Hostplus has announced that it has made several improvements and enhancements to its direct investment option, Choiceplus. 

Choiceplus provides Hostplus’ members that want to take a more active role in the investment and management of their super or pension with the ability to invest in the shares in the S&P/ASX 300 Index, a range of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and Listed Investment Companies (LICs) and Term Deposits.

While Choiceplus has amongst its Industry Fund peers, consistently been a cost leading option,  the Fund has further reviewed and improved its already low fees, while also increasing several of the investment limits for a large range of available securities.

Choiceplus Fee*Pre April 1 2023From April 1 2023
Platform Administration Fee$180p.a$168p.a
Brokerage Fees

Min. Brokerage Fee $19.95**

Max. Brokerage Fee 0.11% of trade value**

Min. Brokerage Fee $13.00

Max. Brokerage Fee 0.10% of trade value 

Transaction Account Fee0.90% on cash holdings0.10% on cash holdings

These improvements and enhancements will result in Hostplus continuing to maintain its position as offering one of the lowest cost direct investment options within a well-diversified profit-to-member superannuation fund. 

Additionally, Hostplus is increasing the allowable investment limits on a range of ETFs and LICs available for its members to invest in through Choiceplus. This sees the existing per security limits increase from 20% to up to 50%, which is designed to offer members greater flexibility and choice in their investment strategy. 

Hostplus CEO, David Elia, said he was pleased that the Fund has been able to deliver significant cost savings and extend certain holding limits on ETFs and LICs that combine to deliver members an improved value proposition and experience. 

“We pride ourselves on being able to realise and pass on the benefits of our scale to our members, resulting in product and service improvements like this, that give our members more control and choice in the way they manage their investments, and to be able to do so at a highly competitive cost,” Mr Elia said.

“As well as maintaining our cost leadership in this increasingly popular investment option, we’ve also actively listened to our members in terms of what they want and need from a product like Choiceplus. I’m pleased to say we’ve acted on our members’ requirements and been able to use our increasing scale to enhance Choiceplus.”

Launched in 2013 and offered as part of Hostplus’ member investment choice options for its superannuation and pension members, Choiceplus has continued to increase in popularity through providing members with many of the benefits of a self-managed super fund without the potential cost and administrative burden associated with having your own self-managed super fund. 

We understand that not everyone has the skills and knowledge to directly manage their investments. Hostplus strongly recommends individuals obtain advice from a licensed financial planner before investing in the Choiceplus investment option, to have peace of mind that their investment strategy matches their investment time frame and risk tolerance.

For more information on Choiceplus, click here.

About Hostplus

Hostplus is one of the largest industry super funds in Australia with 1.69 million members, more than 290,000 contributing employers and more than $95 billion in funds under management.2

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*Please note other fees and costs apply, Please refer to the PDS and/or the relevant ETF and LIC disclosure documents, for more information.

**Min and Max Brokerage Fees Pre April 1 2023 are exclusive of Goods and Services Tax (GST).

1. Source: Hostplus research confirms, Hostplus Choiceplus pricing from 1 April 2023 will deliver the lowest cost Direct Investment Option (DIO) among Industry Funds, based on a $50,000 balance with all but $2500 invested in Shares, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and or Listed Investment Companies (LIC).

2. As at 31 January 2022. Includes funds under management for the Hostplus Pooled Superannuation Trust. 

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance and should never be the sole factor considered when selecting a superannuation fund. For further information on ETFs and LICs please visit the website of the provider.

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