Natalie Strickland

Natalie Strickland

Natalie joined Hostplus in 2010 as Human Resources Consultant and was appointed to the Executive Leadership team in 2014. She brings a wealth of employee relations expertise to the area of people and culture in the fund, with over 14 years’ experience in a diverse range of key advisory roles. 

Natalie and her team are responsible for driving, implementing and managing the Fund's People, Performance and Culture strategy, which includes recruitment, performance, payroll, culture, learning and development and health, safety and wellbeing. 

Natalie is passionate about providing Hostplus employees with the best possible employment experience and supporting leaders to deliver superior performance at the Fund. She has seen success in areas of:

  • Insourcing recruitment
  • Improving employee engagement and alignment
  • Learning and Development 

Roles and key responsibilities 

Chief People Officer

  • To drive, implement and manage the People, Performance and Culture strategy for Hostplus

Year of appointment to Executive Leadership Team

  • 2014 

Qualifications and memberships 

  • Diploma of Human Resources, Swinburne University of Technology 
  • Member of AIST 
  • Member of FEAL 
  • Member of ASFA 


  • Human Resources Consultant at Hostplus 
  • Human Resources Recruitment Officer at Tabcorp 
  • Resourcing Coordinator at Barclays Bank (London) 
  • Recruitment Administrator at Cadbury Schweppes 
  • Resourcer at Lloyd Morgan