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Hostplus Executive

Maximum value. Tailored solutions

As an award-winning superannuation fund, you’d expect Hostplus Executive to deliver competitive investment performance, enhanced insurance options and a host of other benefits. And that’s exactly what we offer: clever, tailored super solutions that deliver consistent performance with elegant simplicity.

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Hostplus Executive Member Guide (Product Disclosure Statement)

Summary information on the features, benefits, costs and risks of investing your super with Hostplus Executive.

Transfer your entire super to Hostplus 

How to get all your super into your Hostplus account. 

Partial rollover form

Use this form to roll part of your account balance with another fund to Hostplus. 

Pay my super into Hostplus- Standard choice form

If you’re starting a new job you may need to give this to your employer along with your Choice form to ensure your super continues to be paid to Hostplus. 

Extra Contributions Guide

Explains the different ways you can add more money to your super. Includes a form to set up direct debit contributions.

Compliance Letter

You may need to give this to your employer along with your Choice form when you choose Hostplus. 


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