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Fantastic! Make sure to let your employer know your member number and that you'd like to take up your employer’s tailored insurance arrangement with us. You can do this by clicking the button below and giving your employer your completed form. We’ll do the rest.

Ready to join Hostplus Executive?

Great news! You'll just need to let your employer know you're ready to join Hostplus and take advantage of the tailored insurance arrangement in place with your employer. Your employer may give you a superannuation choice form to complete, or you can download it here and complete it today to give to your payroll department.


With an impressive history of long-term investment performance1, a low administration fee and range of options to suit your needs, it's easy to see why more than a million members choose Hostplus as their super fund.

Ask your employer

The Hostplus Executive 'at a glance' fact sheet outlines the default tailored insurance arrangement - ask for a copy from your employer today.


Manage your super anywhere. That's a plus

You can take even more control of your super with the Hostplus App. Download the app today to check your balance, see your transaction history, and keep track of your contributions.
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What's next?

When your employer pays your first super contribution, your account will be officially opened.

After your account’s been opened, we’ll send you a welcome kit in the post. It’ll contain everything you need to know about your new account including your member number, how your super is invested, and any insurance cover you may have.

1. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.