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Published November 2023

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Con Michalakis
Deputy Chief Investment Officer
5 min read
Updated 24 Nov 2023
  • Know your investments

We’ve created new investment options to give you an even greater range of choice.

Each of our 1.7 million members has a unique goal when it comes to their super. That’s why we’ve created six new pre-mixed investment options, giving you more choice to invest based on your own preferences and risk appetite.  

Our new options are each designed to focus on a specific area: 

Watch as Con Michalakis, Deputy Chief Investment Officer, takes you through these new options. 

You’re in control

If you’re a Hostplus member with a super or retirement account, you can now start investing in these new options. Our wide range of investment choice means you can choose the level of investment risk you’re comfortable with, and the investment style you prefer.  

You can invest in one option or spread your investment across multiple options. And you can switch into or out of these options at any time. Simply log in to Member Online, and select ‘Manage investments’.  

Get help when you need it

Best of all, you don’t have to make investment decisions on your own. If you’re a Hostplus member, you have access to our financial advice services – online, over the phone and face to face. 

Call our dedicated Hostplus advice number on 1300 303 188 and one of our superannuation advisers can help you work out which investment option may be right for you. That’s a plus.