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Privacy Policy

The Hostplus Privacy Policy – our commitment to you.

At Hostplus we’re run to benefit our members, which means we’re committed to acting in your best interests at all times.  We’re also committed to making life as easy as possible for you.  And because we’re a super fund, there is a certain amount of personal information we need to collect from you in order to provide you with the services and support you need. 

We often say that in the superannuation business we sell trust. The nature of our product means our members need to trust us to look after their money for many years, decades in fact.  And your personal information is no different.

This policy briefly explains the main ways we protect your privacy, the reasons why we collect your personal information, and how we comply with the Australian Privacy Principles. 

What is personal information?

Personal information means information we hold about you from which your identity can reasonably be determined.

So why does Hostplus collect your personal and information?

In many cases, the law requires us to collect your personal information, for example, in order to identify you.  It also allows us to set up your super or pension account, to keep it running smoothly and to respond to any queries or requests you may have regarding your account.  These might include:

  • implementing your investment choices,
  • establishing and maintaining your insurance arrangements,
  • processing super contributions,
  • transferring monies or paying benefits,
  • reporting the investment performance of your account to you
  • the provision of financial product advice,
  • market research and product and service improvement, and
  • keeping you up to date on other products and services available to you as a Hostplus member (which may include sending you some marketing communications).

Certain information such as your Tax File Number (TFN) is required for taxation and superannuation purposes and is authorised to be collected under the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993. Your TFN also allows us to look for other super accounts you may have lost track of or super money that has been transferred to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

So that we can better tailor our information and products to your needs, we also use technology known as “cookies” to collect statistical information on website activity, such as the number of people using our website and how they navigate through it.

At times we may need to collect sensitive information from you such as medical information and family relationship details in order to process insurance applications and benefit claims.   This information is used by Hostplus and our relevant insurers to assess your eligibility for an insured benefit.  We will always seek your express consent before we collect any sensitive information from you, and we will ensure that the collection of this information is absolutely necessary.

What personal information do we ask for?

We collect information that’s relevant to our relationship with you, as your super fund.  This includes:

  • Full Name*
  • Date of birth*
  • Residential Address*
  • Postal Address
  • Tax File Number (TFN)
  • Insurance cover
  • Australian Business Number
  • Salary
  • Occupation
  • Phone number
  • Financial details
  • Inland Revenue Department Number
  • Email address
  • Bank details
  • Beneficiary details
  • Working hours
  • Contributions
  • Investment choice
  • Membership of other funds
  • Interests
  • Gender
  • Photographs, signatures, identification document numbers and other information collected during the process of identifying you
  • Social security information


We may also need to ask you for sensitive information including:

  • Medical information
  • Affiliations with industry groups
  • Family and/or personal relationship details
  • Nationality

*If you don't provide us with this type of personal information we may not be able to establish a superannuation or pension account on your behalf.

How do we collect and hold your personal information?

Where possible, we will collect information from you directly and by lawful and fair means. Sometimes we collect personal information from a Third Party you would reasonably expect us to collect from, such as your employer, or your employer's clearing house. We also may collect information from other super funds, government agencies, and from alliance partners such as those used for market research to improve our product and services.

Personal information may be collected through the following channels: 

  • Via membership and insurance forms.
  • Over the phone via the Hostplus contact centre.
  • As part of an insurance claim process or a request for access to your superannuation benefits.
  • Via our Account Managers.
  • Through our online portals when you update your details.
  • Via Industry Fund Services financial planners.
  • Via address matches services provided by third party vendors.
  • Via our alliance partners.
  • Via Social media - we use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram to communicate with our members. We may collect your personal information from Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn if you reach out to us via these channels. We recommend that you refer to the social media platform's privacy policy before you provide your personal information in this manner.

As mentioned above, we also use technology such as Google analytics and cookies to collect information about your visit to the Hostplus website and/or our online portals. This information includes the time and date of your visit, your IP address, the type of browser, pages visited, documents downloaded and length of visit. It’s important to note that this technology only identifies your device when you visit our website, it does not identify you. 

Once collected, your personal information is stored securely on a database maintained by the LINK Group (which incorporates Australian Administration Services Pty Limited ABN 62 003 429 114, referred herein as 'AAS' or our 'fund administrator').  We may also hold your personal information in hard copy format if you provide it for purposes including, but not limited to, insurance and benefit claims and complaints. See Do we disclose your personal information to overseas recipients?

If we receive unsolicited information from individuals or other sources on your behalf, we will determine if we could have collected the personal information for one or more of our functions or activities. If we could have collected your personal information we will take reasonable steps to protect it from misuse or unauthorised disclosure.

Who do we share your personal information with?

We may need to disclose relevant personal information to external organisations that help us provide services.  We limit the information provided to these organisations to what they need to perform their services for us or to provide products or services to you.  These organisations are also bound by strict confidentiality arrangements.

They may include:

  • LINK Group/AAS – Has been contracted by the fund for the provision of member and employer services, including the administration of insurance cover. The Link Group manage the database where your personal information is stored. AAS is a member of the Link Group of companies. Please refer to the Link Market Services website,
  • Third party vendors – engaged by the LINK Group/AAS, such as information technology, printing, mailing, and address verification vendors.
    A commercial organisation may also be used to independently verify your identification details prior to processing a benefit payment request or claim.
  • Our insurers including but not limited to Metlife Insurance Limited (Metlife) - are responsible for administering your insurance arrangements and processing any claims.
  • Medical practitioners and other relevant professionals – for assessing increased insurance applications and/or during the claims process for insurance benefits.
  • Mail houses – that provide you with correspondence about your Hostplus account as well as keeping you up to date on other products and services available to you as a Hostplus member.
  • Other superannuation funds – when your benefits are transferred or rolled over.
  • Regulatory bodies – such as the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA), Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC) and the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) to the extent required by law.
  • Your representative/s – either your legal representatives after your death to enable the processing of a death claim, or your other nominated agent or representative (including professional adviser) as authorised by you.
  • Your spouse or former spouse – to the extent required by law.
  • Marketing and market research agencies – organisations which provide marketing, product service and communications services to Hostplus.
  • Industry Fund Services Ltd – You may be contacted directly by one of Hostplus’ dedicated Industry Fund Services (IFS) financial planners about financial planning services that may help you. Additionally, an IFS financial planner may need to access your information to provide you with tailored personal advice. Financial advice provided by an IFS financial planner is currently provided under their own Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL 232514). For further information please visit our advice page.
  • Industry Fund Credit Control (IFCC) a division of IFS – to assist with the collection of Superannuation Guarantee payments in the event that an Employer becomes insolvent.
  • ME Bank – our fairer banking partner who may from time to time contact you with exclusive discount offers available to Hostplus members.
  • Our creative agencies which is used for marketing purposes and maintaining online tools.
  • Auditors – for the purpose of auditing the fund's compliance with processes and policies.
  • Listed Companies or Responsible Entities - such as those of listed managed investment schemes available via the Choiceplus investment option, when required under Legal notice.
  • Advice Providers such as Advisor Network Pty Ltd ABN 25 056 310 699 and Toowards ABN 23 074 054 998 for the purposes of providing limited financial product advice through the Hostplus online intra-fund advice tool.  
  • The KiwiSaver Scheme provider if you request to transfer your superannuation benefits to New Zealand.
  • Advertising platforms to allow us to inform you of our products and services , or any other product and services we think you might be interested in.

Do we disclose your personal information to overseas recipients?

Our administrator AAS's privacy policy details which countries your personal information is disclosed to as part of their administration activities. It’s available at

Your personal information may also be stored on servers based in the United States of America and using an eRoom based in Singapore.

We may also need to disclose your personal information to overseas recipients in New Zealand and the United Kingdom if you make a request for the rollover out or in of your superannuation or pension benefits held in these countries.

Need to get in touch with us?

Simply contact us via the details below and we’d be happy to help with:

  • Finding out more. If you’d like further information about privacy at Hostplus, just let us know.
  • Accessing or updating your personal information.  We’ll provide you with a copy of your requested personal information or update your details as soon as possible. We encourage you to contact us to correct any personal information we hold on you. In the rare event that we’re unable to provide you with access to or update your personal information, we’ll write to you to let you know why.
  • Providing feedback or making a complaint.  We’ll make sure that someone from Hostplus responds to you within 30 days. If you're still not satisfied with our response, you can then either contact the Financial Ombudsman Service or the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.
  • Opting-out. Please contact us at any time if you no longer wish to receive direct marketing material, or do not wish to receive information about additional services that Hostplus or its partners provide. Alternatively, log into your Member Online account to opt out.

Call us on 1300 467 875 for super members or 1300 348 546 for pension members.

Email us at, or

Write to us at Locked Bag 5046 Parramatta NSW 2124.

This Privacy Policy was last updated 12 December 2019.