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Kelly Cantwell

Kelly Cantwell

With over 29 years of financial services experience Kelly Cantwell is the Group Executive Service Operations.

A strong negotiator with a member and employers services focus, Kelly is a valuable asset to the Hostplus Leadership Team.

Appointed in October 2016, Kelly plays a critical role in developing and leading member service for Hostplus by optimising the capabilities of all team members; developing specialist skill sets and a highly experienced team and, in turn, achieving high levels of staff satisfaction and retention. One of Kelly’s key functions is to build solid frameworks and infrastructure to manage internal and external stakeholders whilst driving outcomes to implement the overall strategic plan for the Fund.

In addition management of end to end insurance products and services has always been a passion and strength of Kelly’s.

Role & Key Responsibilities

  • Group Executive, Service Operations

Key responsibilities

  • Identify and monitor key business drivers.  Introduce improved business processes and structures to meet changing business needs.
  • Strategic management, review and design of service centre operating model to ensure effective delivery of services in an efficient manner.
  • Management of the Fund’s service operations centre including transactional inbound and outbound calls, member and employer services teams’ quality assurance.
  • Management of end to end insurance contracts including design, operations and service
  • Oversight of day-to-day member and employer operational aspects of the fund and management of information from and between the fund and key service providers, both internally and externally.
  • Oversee the daily operational requirements for claims management.
  • Ensure administration and other services to the fund are delivered in the most efficient, user-friendly and cost-effective way and meet member and employer needs and ensuring the functional requirements are in line with fund policy, procedures and business objectives.

Year of appointment

  • 2016


  • 11 years’ experience with JMIFA in key roles including Fund Service Co-ordinator, Account Manager and Contact Centre Manager.

  • 15 years' experience in previous roles within Hostplus including a number of years as a Group Executive.

Other Directorships / appointments are detailed in the Relevant interests and relevant duties register.


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