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Norlena Brouwer

Appointed Group Executive – Risk and Compliance in October 2016, Norlena’s extensive experience in both Central Group Operational Risk functions as well as Divisional Operational Risk teams sees her well qualified to manage the intricacies of risk with respect to superannuation.

Norlena joined Hostplus in 2014 following a number of senior roles within the sphere of risk, compliance and governance.

As Group Executive – Risk and Compliance, Norlena is responsible for developing, enhancing and implementing an effective risk management framework, leading the Risk and Compliance team and supporting the Board and leadership team on risk management practices and emerging risks.

Roles & responsibilities

  • Group Executive – Risk and Compliance
  • To lead and oversee the risk team's execution and delivery of the risk business plan
  • To regularly report in a timely fashion to the Board, Audit, Risk and Compliance Committee, group executive and other stakeholders on risk management practices and emerging risks 
  • To communicate risk management obligations to stakeholders and enhance risk awareness across the organisation on a continuous basis 
  • To develop robust frameworks, processes and systems for the identification, management, mitigation and monitoring of risk across the organisation
  • To identify compliance issues and recommend enhancements to existing – and development of new – risk controls and processes
  • To select and retain, in consultation with the CEO, external counsel as required, to obtain legal opinions or handle claims and litigation.

Year of appointment

  • 2016

Qualifications and memberships

  • Diploma of Financial Services, Integrated Risk Management, Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance
  • Member of Risk Management Institute of Australia
  • Member of Governance Risk and Compliance Institute
  • Member of ASFA
  • Member of AIST.


  • Norlena has eight years' experience in senior risk management and advisory positions with a number of organisations, including Cricket Australia, Bankwest and Property Exchange Australia.
Other Directorships / appointments are detailed in the Relevant interests and relevant duties register.

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