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Compare us.

Your super payout will be your livelihood, come retirement. So you need to be sure your money is invested with the right fund.

You should look for a super fund with low administration fees to maximise your account balance in the future. And member benefits – like insurance – that can save you money today.

Of course, it may feel virtually impossible to assess a world of super funds on your own.

A Chant West AppleCheck report can help.

This report works online and allows you to compare Hostplus with two other funds simultaneously from a pool of more than 200 super funds. And it’s run by an independent research consultant – so you can trust the rating.

Compare and be confident with Hostplus.

This year, we received a 5 Apple quality rating – the highest possible. But we invite you to see how we compare.

Run your Chant West AppleCheck report now

The results are displayed side-by-side, making it easy to compare funds. And a copy of the report will be emailed to you for extra convenience.

The report is normally available to the public for $55 (including GST) but it’s available at no extra cost to you if you run the Super AppleCheck report through our website.

The comparison uses data from Chant West’s research and covers investments, fees, insurance and member services.

The on-screen and PDF reports are easy to follow and include:

  • an overview of each fund side by side, including Chant West ratings
  • an estimate of how much each fund would earn in the next year based on the account balance, current fees and historical long-term performance (net return guide)
  • the breakdown of investments for each investment option and how they have performed
  • total fees on the nominated balance and transaction fees
  • the types of insurance available, the premiums and features of each fund.

Note: Hostplus purchases products from Chant West on commercial terms but is not a shareholder in Chant West and has no influence over the research results and ratings.

For full details about super with Hostplus, please refer to our Member Guide.

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