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What you need to know about super

Everybody has super. Unfortunately we don’t ever get much of a chance to learn exactly what super is and how it works. All that’s about to change.

Learning how super works helps build your wealth

You would be surprised by how many people miss out on making the most of their retirement money.

Everyone in Australia has a superannuation fund. But how can you build funds for your retirement? What are investment options and extra contributions? Let’s find out.

Smart ways to boost your super

There are many different ways to get more out of your super, from government co-contributions to spouse contributions and salary sacrifice.

Grow your super faster

If you can make an extra contribution to your super every other month, you’ll be amazed at the difference it can make over a year. It doesn't have to be much: 3%, 10% or whatever you can afford. Explore the benefits of salary sacrifice as an option to give your super a serious boost.

Investment options to suit your goals

You don’t have to leave your super in one investment option forever. We can help you learn about the different investment options open to you and have tools available to help you understand your risk profile. Together we can help your super grow to meet your retirement goals.

Manage your money online

Life is busy. Between family and work it can seem like there’s not much time for anything else. We understand. That's why we developed the Hosptlus App to help you keep track and take your Hostplus super with you wherever you go.

Accessing your super early

The Australian Government restricts your access to your money until your retire from the workforce or after you reach your preservation age.

Learn more about accessing your super early


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