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Your investment options.

Your future. Your money.

By choosing investments that meet your needs you can be sure your money is working the way you want it to.

Select from a broad range of investment options. You can even mix and match your strategy to create a customised investment portfolio. 

Diverse investment options

As a valued Hostplus member you can choose the investment options that meet your risk profile and growth needs.

Hostplus’ products (which include its investment options) are designed for a particular target market. Please read our Product Disclosure Statement and Target Market Determination for a description of the target market and to understand what’s right for you.

Pre-mixed investment options

The Pre-mixed Investment Options aim to produce consistent returns over time through investing in a mix of growth and low risk investments.

The Socially Responsible Investment – Balanced Option gives investors dedicated access to responsible investing opportunities across a wide range of asset classes, including shares, property, fixed income, infrastructure, alternatives and cash.

Sector investment options

The Sector Investment Options put you in charge of selecting percentages of asset classes in your portfolio, depending on your investment objectives

Individual manager investment options

If you want to maintain additional control, you can select one or more of our individual fund managers. 

  • Macquarie Investment Management – Australian Fixed Interest
  • BlackRock Asset Management – International Fixed Interest
  • Industry Super Property Trust – Property
  • Lend Lease managed Australian Prime Property Funds – Property
  • IFM – Australian Infrastructure
  • IFM – Australian Shares
  • Paradice Investment Management – Australian Shares
  • Neuberger Berman - International Shares

You can get a more detailed look at our individual manager options here.

CPIplus Investment Option

CPIplus is an innovative Hostplus account-based pension investment option that aims to deliver consistent returns over the long term.

CPIplus’ target return objective is designed to increase the consistency of investment returns while continuing to maintain the simplicity, flexibility, and liquidity of an account-based pension.

The returns of the CPIplus option are set for specified Return Periods (usually a year), based on a predetermined return formula, its returns, for any Return Period, are unaffected by the returns on the underlying investments of the option. This means the returns of CPIplus are not adversely impacted by any potential underperformance of its underlying investments (and similarly does not obtain the benefit of investment returns on underlying assets if these exceed the predetermined return).

Learn more about our CPIplus investment option today

Choiceplus investment option

Our Choiceplus investment option has been developed for members who want a more active role in the investment and management of their super or pension (please note that Choiceplus is not available to TTR members).

Choiceplus enables direct investment into companies in the S&P/ASX 300 Index1 , Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)2 covering developed, emerging and commodity markets, a number of Listed Investment Companies (LICs)2 and Term Deposits.

It is important to remember that investment decisions made in the Choiceplus investment option are made by you – not Hostplus. Like any investment, Choiceplus carries its own level of investment and market risk.

To help you make an informed investment decisions and manage your portfolio, Choiceplus provides you with access to real time trading, extensive market information and independent research through Morningstar and other investment tools. You should be aware of the risks involved and be comfortable with the strategy you are putting in place.

The Terms and Conditions for investing in the Choiceplus investment option have recently changed. Please refer to the Choiceplus guide  for the latest information about Choiceplus or review the Frequently Asked Questions.

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1. The S&P/ASX 300 Index incorporates the largest 300 companies on the Australian Stock Exchange (by market capitalisation). 
2. ETFs and LICs are traded like shares, but are structured like a traditional managed fund. They contain a collection of securities and generally represent a particular investment style or market index, (eg. ASX Small Caps).

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