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Insightful conversations with our chief investment officer and his two deputies.

Hostplus CIO team

What does a chief investment officer do?

Our CIOs share a little bit about their roles. Listen as Con Michalakis talks about how investing for a younger demographic creates opportunities, while Greg Clerk touches on the logistics of implementing an investment strategy. 

How a background in science can help

Did you know our CIOs have backgrounds in science? Sam, Greg and Con talk about how they blend their math and science backgrounds with their roles. It turns out that ‘geeking-out’ on science journals can help uncover investment opportunities! 

What makes our investment strategy so special?

Our members! We have a younger demographic of members who entrust us to invest consistently over the long term. As Greg points out, this “long runway” enables us to invest in opportunities that others may not be able to. 

Our CIO team’s investment beliefs

The CIOs share how three disciplines guide their approach to investing: focusing on a long time horizon, active management and diversification. 

The impact of major market events

Whether it’s the global financial crisis, the dot-com bubble, or the COVID-19 pandemic, our CIOs have had first-hand experience with an array of interesting market challenges. How do these times create opportunities? 

What’s driving financial markets?

Our team believes that inflation and interest rates are two market drivers. But other non-financial factors – like technology, productivity and globalisation – also have a huge impact. Hear the team discuss how a variety of factors play into our investment decisions.